Frequently asked questions about extending season tickets


I want to log into the portal for the business season tickets as a traveler. How do I log in? 

You can only log in if you have received an e-mail to log in as a traveler. This applies to you as an employee, e.g. you work for the municipality of Amsterdam.
If you have not received an e-mail then it probable that your company arranges matters related to your season ticket and thus you do not need to log in to the portal.
You can also watch the video about logging in. 

You can only log in using the details that are known to GVB with respect to your business season ticket. You can the modify the details when you are logged in, e.g. you have moved. You can also change your e-mail address after logging in .

Logging in after you previously created an account:

The password expires every three months. You can request a new password by clicking the "forgot password" button. 
You will receive a new password at the address you bij registered with us

Do not yet have an account to log into?
Click at the bottom of the business traveler page to create an account to log into. You can also watch the videos (in Dutch), which show you step-by-step how to log in.
Still not able to log in after watching the video? Please contact customer service at phone number: 0900 - 8011.


How do I renew my season ticket when I am logged into the portal as a traveler? 

  • When you receive an e-mail via GVB or your employer (including the municipality of Amsterdam) to arrange the renewal of your season ticket yourself using the portal, you can log in as a traveler.
  • When you log in, you will see your current season ticket under "Your products" under the current contract year.
  • To renew, choose the selection option in the above right corner of the page: contract year 1 February 2016 through 31 January 2017.
  • Under "products", you will see a red "ball" with a 1. 

You now see the current season ticket is ready for renewal. 

  • Click the "Extend" button to renew you current season ticket. If you do not want to renew it or want to select another product, click "Cancel". 

You can also watch the renewal video (in Dutch).


I do not want to renew my current season ticket. I want to change the season ticket. 

The instructions below apply when you are logged in as a traveler (the ability to log in as a traveler is dependent on the agreements with your employer).

If you want a different season ticket in the new period than your current season ticket.

  • After logging in, go to "Order" (see row in the uppermost panel).
  • Verify you have the correct contract year in the upper right corner. For the new year, this is 2017/2018.
  • You now select the season ticket for the new year 2017/2018 for the date of your choice.
  • Your current season ticket automatically ends on 31 January 2017 (municipality of Amsterdam employees).

When you want to change or renew your season ticket immediately or in the current period:

  • In the upper right corner, select the current contract year: 2016/2017.
  • Look under "Your products" (see uppermost pane) to see your current season ticket.
  • This shows you the details for your currently active season ticket with the option to change it or cancel it.
  • You select "Changes" when you want to go to a season ticket with better coverage.
  • You enter your details for your new season ticket and the desired start date.
  • You select "Cancel" when you want to go to a season ticket with less coverage.
  • Now select "Ordering" for your new season ticket.
  • You select a season ticket for the period remaining on your contract.

You still need to complete another action for the renewal for the contract year to go though. Go to the upper right panel to contract year and follow the instructions displayed under the previous header: When you want a different season ticket in the new period than for your current season ticket.

Address change

My address/e-mail has changed. How do I update this?

  • If you are able to log into the business portal as a traveler, you may change your name and address details in the portal.
  • Log in using you "old" post code and e-mail address. 
  • After you log in successfully, you will see your personal details and the contact info for your employer. You are now able to change your details.
  • If you are the company contact person arranging matters related to your season ticket, you send in the address change to your HR department.

Card expired, stolen or stolen

My OV-chipkaart is expired, stolen or lost

If you card is lost or stolen, you block this yourself as quickly as possible. You can then request a replacement (not new) OV-chipkaart at or by phoning OV-chipkaart customer service at 0900-8011.

Replacement card

I'm waiting for a replacement OV-chipkaart and I have a season ticket. How do I travel?

To be able to continue to travel (after requesting a replacement card), you can request that one or our T&I offices send you a temporary season ticket to replace your current business annual season ticket.

If you still have an OV-chipkaart (this may also be an anonymous card), take it with you so that the temporary season ticket can be loaded onto it.
If you do not have an OV-chipkaart then you will pay a deposit for a temporary anonymouse card (€ 12.50). Remember to bring valid identification with you!

New OV-chipkaart

I have a new OV-chipkaart, am unable to log in using my OV-chipkaart number

It is possible that we do not yet know the number of your replacement OV-chipkaart. In this case, you must log in with your "old" OV-chipkaart number. If you no longer know this "old" number, please phone GVB customer service at 0900-8011.

Instead of a replacement card, you requested a new card? In this case, your products (including your business season ticket) have not been transferred to your new card. Please phone GVB customer service at 0900-8011.

If the issue is about other products than your business season ticket, e.g. automatic balance loading, please phone our OV-chipkaart customer service at 0900-8011.

Suitable season ticket

Which season ticket is best for you?

You can view the different types of season ticket on our website. Go to the products page and click on the items that suit your needs.

You can also use the route planner to enter the routes you travel on the most. After entering your route, click "plan my trip". You will see an overview where you can select a particular trip by double clicking it. You will see a page showing you the trip and routes. 
Go to the bottom of the page to request a season ticket recommendation for this route. Click on "season ticket advice" and you will see an overview of season tickets valid for the selected route. This allows you to select the season ticket that best suits your needs. 

What season ticket do I have?

I don't know what type of season ticket I have. How do I find this out?

When given the option to log into the portal as a traveler (including as an employee of the municipality of Amsterdam), you log in on the "travelers" portal. Under products , you will see your current season ticket.

Another option... at one of our yellow ticket vending machines, select "my ticket details" and then "my products". The display will show you which season ticket is loaded on your OV-chipkaart.

If you created an account on the OV-chipkaart website then you can also see which season ticket is loaded on your card.