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School day cards

The GVB Schools Day Ticket is a paper chip card for elementary schools, day cares and after-school child care centers. The ticket is suitable for supervised school trips and costs € 2.50 per child. The day ticket provides children and their supervisors unlimited travel on all GVB trams, buses and metros.


The school day ticket, after first check-in, is valid for the rest of the same day. The ticket is not valid on the night bus. During the day, you may transfer as many times as want to other GVB vehicles. You must also check in and out with a school day ticket. The school day ticket is only valid on GVB vehicles, for example, it is not valid for transferring to Connexxion or EBS vehicles.


The day card for schools is only permitted to be ordered by elementary schools, day cares, and after-school child care centers

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