GVB purchasing policy

Contracts and purchasing

GVB contracts out a lot of work including construction, maintenance, and (ICT) services. We also purchase materials, supplies, etc.
Purchasing contact:
Head of Purchasing Department: Mr. M.E.P. Schoonderbeek, MBA.

Engineering & Consultancy Services qualification system

GVB regularly needs consultancy and engineering services in several areas for a variety of different work activities. GVB looks for professional businesses to handle these needs at short notice. To this end, GVB has decided to introduce a qualification system. Businesses qualified by GVB will be eligible to be awarded assignments that fall under the qualification system. Accordingly, GVB has drawn up this system in accordance with its requirement in Article 1.4 para 1 sub b of the Public Procurement Law, such that objective criteria are used to choose a business or businesses that are permitted to register in the tendering procedure.

The qualification system has twelve "parcels". Businesses can request and receive approval in one or more of these parcels. Businesses that satisfy the requirements set by the qualification system will be included in a list of qualified businesses. GVB will use this list to select qualified businesses to participate in the private tender process. Assignments will be privately put out to tender dependent on the estimated value and one or more factors. A "randomizer" may be used when selecting the business of businesses admitted to the tender procedure.

The qualification system will be jointly used by GVB Infra BV, GVB Activa BV, and GVB Exploitatie BV. These entities can each independently use the list to select and ask qualified parties participate in the private tender procedures.

The scheme has the following categories:
A. Tracks and Ways
B. Installations
C. Public
D. Vehicles

For more information about the categories and parcels, please refer to the appendices "Matrix" and "Categories".

The qualification system occurs electronically via the Negometrix platform. Information about how to use Negometrix can be found at