Engineering Firm Arup on I travel business card

"We want our staff to travel in the most sustainable manner possible." Even keen car drivers are now chosing to use public transport more often."
At the Amsterdam engineering firm Arup, sustainabiliyt is an important part of its business strategy. This is why HR manager Tamara Gieze developed a new mobility policy with the I travel business card playing a central role. It led to her receiving a nomination for the title "mobility manager of the year".

Better world

Tamara Gieze
Tamara: "Actually, we had not really organised anything on staff mobility until recently. Everyone received the usual travel expenses. But, our mission is We shape a better worldand we wanted to make that mission a reality. So, we started looking for ways to allow our people to travel more sustainably. We finally decided on the I travel business card from GVB and the Mobility Factory. It provides use with a complete service package for business mobility."

Own choices

Tamara worked on the new mobility policy together with external HR project manager Romy Nijkamp.
Romy: "Staff can now make their own choice about how they want to travel. They can use the I travel business card on trains, trams, buses, or metro, or, use an electric bike or ride-share car. Offering this kind of flexibility makes us more attractive as an employer for the new generation."

HR project manager Romy Nijkamp

Relaxed travel

Tamara: "Our mobility policy is complete. It brings you door to door. We have now offered the I travel business card for six months. In the meantime, we have noted that even keen car drivers are choosing to use public transport more often. Our staff can travel first class on the train, which is much more relaxing and work in quiet. We also have our own car fleet, which will be completely electric by 2022."

Raising awareness

"Thanks to the app associated with the I travel bussiness card, we have a clear and comprehensible understanding of all business travel expenses and the need for travel statements are virtually a thing of the past. And even better, everyone can see the CO2 emissions that they create due to their trips. Raising awareness leads to making even more sustainable choices. We are convinced of this."
Arup's mobility policy led to him being norminated as Rush Hour Beater of the Year, a poll organized by BNR Radio.

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