Temp Agency VDB on I travel

"Our people are completely familiar with traveling on public transportation. The I travel business card is more economical for us and offers flexibility."
Temp agency VDB provides temporary workers to four and five star hotels in Amsterdam and Schiphol. Many of them are from East Europe and live in bungalow parks in Volendam and De Rijp. They are able to get to their jobs quickly and flexibly thanks to the I travel business card.

Time for change

Asia van Schaik

Asia van Schaik, project coordinator: “Previously, we used cars and touring vehicles to bring our temps to and from their jobs. It was expensive. We had to draw up complicated plans and deal with increasing fuel and parking fees, insurance, damage, and tickets.
Moreover, drivers sometimes had to wait a long time, for example, because of overtime. We wanted to change this set up. So, a couple of months ago, we switched to the I travel business card from GVB and Mobility Factory. Now, our people use the buses, trams, and metro."

More flexible and more independence

Diana Boros, assistent project coordinator: "Our staff is no longer dependent on a driver, so it is easier for them to rise within a hotel. For example, to become a supervisor, where you must start earlier or later than as a housekeeper. So, using public transport provides much more flexibility and more independence."

Clear overview

Asia: "We are also really happy now that we have a clear overview of the trips taken. This allows us to check whether temps do not travel privately on the cards and we can warn them when they too often forget to check in or out."

Postive feedback

Diana: "For some people, it took some getting used to traveling to workin on public transport. Some had just arrived in the Netherlands and had never traveled on a tram, bus, or metro. But, now, it's going great. We are only receiving positive feedback."

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