I travel Business Card

I travel business card

The "I travel Business Card" is a ticket (travel pass) that provides access to all forms of (public) transport. Not just in Amsterdam and vicinity, but throughout the Netherlands. This allows you to offer your employees an easier way to travel. It also makes it a lot simpler to organize and administer commuting and business trips for your employees and provide a complete overview as well.

"I travel" provides a complete mobility solution for both commuting and business trips. And all that with just one card. Moreover, it also saves you time when declaring your VAT and public transport expenses. 

Advantages for employers

  • One centralized point where you can arrange all public transport for your employees.
  • Monthly invoice for all (public) transport costs.
  • Well-organized reporting and detailed commuter, business and VAT settlement.
  • Public transport and other mobility options – such as public transport bicycles, taxi or car share – tailored to meet all employee needs.
  • Attractive purchase discount on season tickets and off-peak discount on train trips.

Advantages for your staff

  • One card for all public transport and other mobility options in the Netherlands.
  • No longer have to pay in advance or declare expenses.
  • For use for commuting and business trips with or without season ticket.

Traveling on a balance or with a season ticket

The I travel Business Card is a business public transport OV-chipkaart were employees can travel through the Netherlands using an e-purse (i.e. on a balance) with a fixed budget or with a season ticket. Also part of the I travel Business Card program are rentals of public transport bicycles, taxis, shared cars and parking at a P+R location, Q-Park or Yellowbrick.

Everything centrally organized

You arrange all matters using an online portal and our service desk. It is easy for you to add employees, request tickets, order season tickets, query transactions and view reports.

Getting started with the I travel Business Card

Your employees receive a ticket that you deem suitable for their needs. "I travel" handles the mailing, the most suitable public transport season tickets and all questions from your employees. Each month, you receive a single invoice for all trips taken by your employees. 

Want to know more?

Make an appointment with one of our account managers! Call 088 934 34 14 or send an e-mail to info@itravelbc.nl

About "I travel"

I travel is an initiative of GVB and Mobility Factory.
Together GVB and Mobiliteitsfabriek (Mobility factory) with "I travel", we provide the most suitable mobility card/ticket for employers and employees in Amsterdam.

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