I travel Business Card

The I travel Business Card is the total mobility solution for commuting and business travel. The mobility ticket for employers with at least 5 employees in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. This ticket offers a total solution for all your organisation's mobility wishes and requirements.

Why opt for the I travel Business Card?

I travel provides your staff with the option of traveling comfortably and easily. And, it makes the organizing and administration of your staff's commute, work, and business travel a lot easier and more comprehensible.

Flexibility and simplicity

  • a central point for arranging all mobility solutions (such as public transport bicycle, taxi, ride-share car, and parking) customised for all staff.
  • one card for all publish transport and other mobility options in the Netherlands
  • easy upkeep of all trips in the app


  • advances and travel statements no longer necessary
  • monthly invoice for all (public transport) travel costs
  • comprehensive reporting and commute, business, and VAT statement

More economical

  • attractive discount on season tickets
  • more economical thanks to suitable mobility options

Customised service

  • can be interfaced with existing HR packages
  • extensive support during implementation
  • all questions are answered one to one by a specially designed customer service for the I travel business card


  • insight into the CO2 reduction due to the use of sustainable public transport

Tamara Gieze (Arup)
"Even keen car drivers are now choosing to use public transport more often."

Read about the Engineering Firm Arup experience with the I travel business card
Diana Boros and Asia van Schaik (VDB)
"The I travel business card is more economical for us and offers flexibility."

Read about the Temp Agency VDB experience with the I travel business card

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About "I travel"

I travel is an initiative of GVB and Mobility Factory.
Together GVB and Mobiliteitsfabriek (Mobility factory) with "I travel", we provide the most suitable mobility card/ticket for employers and employees in Amsterdam.

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