Events and congresses

We offer a variety of attractive public transport options for events or conventions.

We can be of service to you

Travelers appreciate a smooth journey

As an organizer, you spend a lot of time creating a schedule for the visitors and the associated activities. It will only really be a success when the transport to the event is optimally organized. Not only our regular passengers, but especially the visitors to events and congresses will appreciate when their journey runs smoothly.

Improve your service

As an extra service to your customers or guests, you can send a GVB 24-hour ticket along with the invitation to the event. This not only shows your customer friendliness - your customer or guest does not incur costs in visiting your company - but also solves parking problems for your visitors and yourself.

For your foreign guests, there is a GVB Tourist Guide (listing the public transport routes to the biggest attractions in Amsterdam) and/or a city map.

The GVB day ticket or multi-day ticket

These tickets (i.e. travel passes) are cards that make it easy for your visitors. They have unlimited travel for the indicated number of hours on all of GVB's trams, day and night buses, and metros. The ticket is issued as a disposable chip card (OV-chipkaart) and becomes valid when first used.

Delivery of travel passes

The travel passes can be delivered to any location.

Addition trams, buses, and metros

If there will be a large number of visitors then consideration is given to providing extra transportation. Experience shows that an increase in the number of travelers in the direction of an event or conference will affect the comfort of the travelers unless extra transportation is provided. How much extra transportation must be provided depends not just on the number of visitors that use public transportation but also the travel times (rush hour or off-peak) and the specific needs of the organizer.

NOTE! GVB only provides extra services for existing routes. We do not rent trams or buses for private travel or group travel.

Information resources

To help your visitors on their way in Amsterdam, you can order route maps for the entire Amsterdam public transport network. In addition, there is also the option to order a special map for the trams and bus routes to the congress and most important hotels.

You may hand out the GVB Public Transport tourist guide for free. This guide is in six languages and provides complete information about public transport in Amsterdam and how to reach the various attractions with public transport. This guide also contains the route map for Amsterdam city center.

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