We can no longer avoid it. Amstelveen is switching over to a new tram route.

Amstelveen route renovation

Amstelveen is switching over to a new tram route.

Everyone who regularly uses metro 51 already knows. It will be replaced. There will be a new, fast, and safe tram connection for Amstelveen. As part of the preparation work, the Onderuit and some other metro stops will be altered.

As of 3 March, metro 51 will nol longer be in service between Amstelveen Westwijk and Station Zuid.
You will be able to use bus 5, tram 5, and Connexxion buses to continue your journey.

This pages provides a list of all changes. 
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The "Amstelveen Line renovation"

A detailed description of the 'Amstelveen Line renovation' project and the work itself can be found at the municipality website:Amstelveen.nl


3 March: metro 51 no longer in service between Zuid and Westwijk

Sunday 3 March, the metro 51 route will change. The metro will no longer be in service in the Buitenveldert and Amstelveen. Instead, metro 50 will run from Station Zuid to Sloterdijk and Isolatorweg. Where metro 51 is no longer in service, you can use bus 55, tram 5, and the Connexxion buses. 
Metro 51 will no longer go back to Buitenveldert and Amstelveen. It is expected to take about two years to ready the new, fast, and safe tram connection, the Amstelveen Line.

Ticket vending machines at metro 51 stops will be removed

The ticket vending machines at the following stops will be taken out of service as of 3 March due to the renovation of the Amstelveen rout: Zonnestein, Amstelveen C., Ouderkerkerlaan, Sportlaan, Marne, Gondel, Meent, Brink, Spinnerij, Poortwachter, Sacharovlaan, and Westwijk.

Tip: purchase your travel product in the GVB webshop and load it on your OV-chipkaart at a point of sale in your neighbourhood.

Metro 51 no longer stops at Station Spaklerweg through 21 April

Sunday 3 March though Sunday 21 April, work will be carried out on the metro 51 platform at the Spaklerweg station. Metro 51 will not be able to stop here.
If you want to transfer between metro 51, 53, and 54, it is best to do so at Amstel station.

Metro 51 not in service on some weekends

Metro 51 will not be in service during the next four weekends. You will be able to use other metro routes.
This involves the weekends 23 and 24 March, 30 and 31 March, 6 and 7 April, and 20 and 21 April.

Tram 5: Zonnestein stop out of service

Tram 5 will continue to be in service as much as possible during the work on the new tram route. However, as of 3 March, it will no longer be able to stop at the Zonnestein stop. The BIesbosch stop is the nearest stop.

Tram 5 not in service between Zuid and Amstelveen Stadshart

On a few weekends and during the summer, tram 5 will not be in service between Station Zuid and Amstelveen Stadshart. Shuttle bus 45 will cover this section of the route.

Metro 51 reimbursement policy changed

There is a reimbursement policy if metro 51 is delayed. The standard of one hour has been reduced to a half hour specially for metro 51 passengers. 
You can invoke this reimbursement policy if you have been delayed more than a half an hour at a metro 51 stop and there is no alternative public transport available. We will then reimburse your taxi fare within the GVB transport region.