Accessible public transport

We want to provide everyone with the most comfortable transport as possible. GVB works hard to make public transport accessible to everyone. All of our vehicles are accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.
The page for a route will show whether a stop is accessible. Go to Travel > Routes and timetable and select a route. A circle with a gray center is accessible. 

Traveling with a wheelchair, scoot mobile or stroller

We explain here how you can travel with a wheelchair, scoot mobile or stroller.

Travelling with a wheelchair on public transport
Buses have a low floor and a special wheelchair place in the middle of the bus. This place is marked with a wheelchair sticker.
The "older type" of trams have a place for a wheelchair in the lower middle portion of the tram. The Combino trams (the new type) has a wheelchair ramp and the place for a wheelchair is near the conductor's spot. These places in the trams are also marked with a sticker.
The wheelchair place in the tram and bus is also the place for the stroller. A wheelchair always takes precedence over a stroller. 

Scoot mobile in the tram and metro
A scoot mobile is allowed on a tram or metro if there is sufficient space. The maximum permitted size is 120 cm long, 70 cm wide, and 109 cm high. You must always follow the instructions of the driver or conductor. The driver or conductor may refuse a scooter to ensure the safety of you and other passengers.

Not in the bus
Scoot mobiles are not permitted on buses.

Accessible website

We do our best to make our website as accessible as possible for people with a visual handicap. You can read about the extent that this website meets such requirements in the Accessibility Association report.