Passenger Transport Act 2000

The Passenger Transport Act 2000, a Dutch law with provisions on the urban and regional transport, private bus transport (including day trips) and taxi transport in the Netherlands.This Act contains a number of provisions for the traveler.These prescribe where the traveler should keep themselves when traveling by public transport.We have listed them for you in a row.

Article 70:

1. It is forbidden to use public transport without a valid travel pass, and, where the transportation company has indicated clearly, use the affiliated facilities.
2. The prohibition referred to in the first paragraph shall not apply in the specific cases ordered by governmental decree.

Article 71:

It is forbidden to use any unauthorized changes or otherwise processed ticket abusing a ticket or impede the control of tickets or prevent.

Article 72:

It is prohibited for anyone in a car, bus, train, subway, tram or via a guidance system propelled vehicle or in or in the immediate vicinity of a station, staging, or another to public transportation related facility and its associated platforms, stairs, elevators and tunnels to behave in such a way that order, peace, safety or good operation is or may be disrupted.

Article 73:

Everyone is obliged indications of order, peace, safety, or to follow a good operation that are clearly identified by or on behalf of the carrier.