The Weesperplein metro station has been renovated. The main hall now has a contemporary look and is spacious. All elevators have been renovated and have glass exterior walls. A second elevator was installed from the street to the hall. Two new sets of stairs to the platforms have been installed. In addition, the station signs have been replace, the gates were replaced, and the lighting upgraded.

Sarphatistraat Amstel entrance closed

The Valckenierstraat Amstel entrance will open in July. You can use the other entrances to reach the metro. The Stadstimmertuin entrance provides access to an elevator. The metro will be in service running on the normal timetable.

Ticket vending machine

There is no ticket vending machine available at the Sarphatistraat West entrance (at the tram stop). A ticket vending machine is available at the other Weesperplein entrances.