The metro station is being renovated in phases to allow the metro to remain in service. Unfortunately, it is possible that you will inconvenienced and have limited access to the metro station. More information is provided below.

2 May through mid-September 2018, the ArenA Boulevard entrance will be closed

During this phase, the ArenA Boulevard entrance will be closed. You can use the Boris Pasternakstraat to walk to the open Strandvliet entrance (Boris Pasternakstraat 1-189). An elevator is available here. The metro will be in service running on the normal timetable.

Download the map of the pedestrian route during this phase.


Temporary lift from 2 May to mid-September

A temporary elevator will be available at the northern entrance from 2 May to mid-September. This is a smaller elevator than usual. The elevator door is 0.90 cm wide and the elevator interior is 1.40 meters in height. Unfortunately, this means that not all mobile scooters will fit inside.