The Diemen Zuid renovation is fully under way. The Roerdomppad entrance is almost completed and will open on 16 July. As of 16 July, the Scholeksterpad entrance will be closed and renovated. This will last until the end of November. An entrance will always be open during the renovation. The metro will continue to run as normal. More information is provided below.

What work will the municipality carry out?

As the years have passed, the Oostlijn metro route has become cluttered and messy. To provide more light and space in the stations, parts will be demolished, corners and recesses will be eliminated, glass atria built, and the ticket machines will all be assembled together in a single wall. The existing lifts will be renovated. In addition, the stair railings and metro signs will be replaced, lighting will be renovated and lights above the stairs will be replaced by indirect light along the walls. More information about the renovation can be found at: Wijnemenjemee.nl/oostlijn (Dutch).

As of 16 July, Roerdomppad open again

As of 16 July, the Roerdomppad entrance will be open. The renovation of the entrance will then be complete. Up until this date, you will be able to reach the metro via the Scholeksterpad entrance. The metro will continue to run as usual according to the normal timetable.

16 July through to the end of November, the entrance on the shopping mall side will be closed.

16 July, the renovation of the Scholeksterpad entrance will commence. This entrance will be closed for about four months.
You will be able to access the metro via the Roerdomppad. An elevator is also available. The metro will continue to run as usual according to the normal timetable.

Download the map of the pedestrian route during this phase.

An impression of how it will look

Image by Group A