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Central Station

The metro station is being renovated in stages so that the metro can continue to be inservice as much as possible. The metro will continue to run according to the timetable until mid-May.

The metro station is accessible via the entrance on the Stationplein and the Open Havenfront and Prins Hendrikade entrances. The Oosterdokskade entrance is currently closed for renovation work.

The entrance on the Stationsplein next to GVB Tickets & Info, VVV and the Loetje cafe is permanently closed.

Elevator by Stationplein entrance next to Tickets & Info

If you want to use an elevator to reach the metro platform, you can use the elevator at the Stationplein entrance next to the GVB Tickets & Info counter. The elevator at the Stationplein entrance goes directly to the platform, and vice versa.

Note: You must have a ticket before you enter the Stationplein elevator. You can purchase a travel product at the GVB Ticket & Info counter on the Stationplein or in Central Station's central hall (next to the GVB ticket vending machines behind the piano in the central hall).

The elevator at the Open Havenfront entrance will be opened at some point. The exact moment this will occur is not yet known.

Entrance closed

The following entrances are currently closed: 

  • Oosterdokskade (opening date not yet known)
  • Stairs next to GVB Tickets & Info / VVV / Loetje cafe (permanently closed)
  • Geldersekade (permanently closed)

Transport type

Starting mid-May, the timetable may have to change at certain times. Routes will be shortened or you will need to transfer. We will provide more information when the exact details are know.