The metro station is being renovated in phases to allow the metro to remain in service. Unfortunately, it is possible that you will inconvenienced and have limited access to the metro station. More information is provided below.

21 July through 27 August, both entrances open

During this phase, the entrance on the south side (Bullewijkpad) has been renovated and is open again. This entrance also provides access to an elevator. The entrance on the north side (Horstenweg) is also open. An elevator will be available on this side up to and including 20 August. Starting on 21 August, this temporary elevator will be removed. 

28 August to the end of this year, Horstenberg entrance closed

During this phase, the north side (Horstenberg) entrance will be closed. You can walk via the Bullewijk path to the open entrance (Bullewijkpad). There is also an elevator available. The metro will run according to the normal timetable.

Download the map of the walking route.

An impression of how it will look

Image by Group A