Automatic refund after metro gate system malfunction

Due to a malfunction in the metro gate system resulting in several travel products not being recognized, it is possible that you incurred additional costs to travel on the metro.
This must have been extremely irritating and we earnestly apologize for this inconvenience.
If you traveled on 1 March with one of the products or tickets below, you may have incurred additional travel costs:
  • Monthly "OV Voordeel"
  • GVB 1 hour ticket
  • GVB 2 X 1 hour ticket
  • GVB 2 X 1 hour ticket P + R
  • GVB School Day ticket
  • GVB Seniors Action
  • GVB Seniors Action Diemen
  • Student travel product - Weekend - Discount
  • Student travel product - Weekend - Free
  • Annual "Altijd Korting"
  • Month "Altijd Korting"

Wrongly debited amounts from e-purse balance automatically refunded

The wrongly debited amount will be automatically set up to be retrieved at yellow add value machines. So, you do not have to contact us to receive a refund. It is quite likely that the amount will be available starting on Thursday 9 March to be picked up at your convenience at an add value machine.

In the unhoped-for event that this date will change, we will announce it on this page.