Questions and answers

We receive the following frequent questions about the renovated public transport network and the Noord/Zuid route. Your question may be in this list. If not and your question cannot be answered with the information listed at this website, you can always contact our Customer Service.

Why is the route network changing so drastically?

The introduction of the Noord/Zuid route provides us with the opportunity to improve the above ground public transport network and also improve accessibility. In many cases, it is possible to travel quicker and more efficiently by intelligently aligning the bus and tram route connections with the metro network. If we did not make such changes it would result in redundant routes and even dangerously busy situations in some locations. In addition, the changes improve the accessibility of the Amsterdam metropolitan region.

Can I still receive a paper route map?

Absolutely. The paper version of the routes map and the night bus folder remain available. You will be able to get these at the end of June at one of our GVB Ticket & Info kiosks (as of 22 July, the kiosks will have a new name: GVB Service & Tickets). As of 22 July, the folders will also be available in the tram, day buses, and night buses.

Will anything change about the validity of my season ticket starting on 22 July?

Yes, if you have a GVB Only product or a GVB zone season ticket. There are two specific situations that we are aware where the changes affect GVB season tickets. You can read about these situations on the "Check you season ticket" webpage. It explains how you can check whether your season ticket is suitable for your travel route if it changes as of 22 July.

It has been previously announced that the Noord/Zuid route may have growing pains. So, why is the Noord/Zuid route being put into service?

The city really needs the Noord/Zuid route. We must get going. It's important that the entire route network is put into service at the same time. It's only possible to determine how the Noord/Zuid route will perform with the other network by actually putting it into service with 120,000 passengers per day. This is much different than predicting problems or disruptions and working out a solution on paper, or to test the Noord/Zuid route in isolation from the rest of the network.

Once the route is in service on 22 July, we expect start-up problems that may make the trip less comforable than our passengers expected. When the Noord/Zuid route is running it runs like a dream. But, if there is a disruption, it will take longer to resolve issues for these new systems than with the current network. We will only be able to resolve some issues in practice. Unfortunately, all of us will have to get through these issues. Of course, we will everything possible to resolve start-up problems as quickly as possible and to inform our passengers the best we can.

Will the Noord/Zuid route have a separate fare?

No. The Noord/Zuid route will not have a separate fare.

Will the Noord/Zuid route run at night?

No. The Noord/Zuid route will not run at night. View the metro 52 timetable here.

Can you buy a ticket at the station?

Absolutely. There are sales vending machines at all metro stations, including the new stations for the Noord/Zuid route.

Can I take my bicycle on the Noord/Zuid route?

Yes, just like the other metro routes, you may bring your bicycle on board (by hand) and when you purchase the requisite "bicycle" ticket. However, this does not apply during the rush hours, Monday through Friday, 07:00-09:00 and 16:00-18:30. And, of course, your bicycle must not cause a nuisance for other passengers.