Check your season ticket

The renovated public transport network and the new and changes routes, connections, and stops may also affect your season ticket. So, it's a good idea to check it.

Season ticket adviser

As of 25 June, you can check our trip planner to get season ticket advice. There are already two specific situation where we know that the public transport changes also affect GVB season tickets: 
  • in the Noord (north) part of the city, bus route 36 will no longer run between the Molenaarsweg and the IJdoornlaan. This part of the route will be taken over by the bus routes of Connexxion and EBS.
  • trams will no longer run through the De Lairessestraat. Connexxion does have several bus routes that cover this route.
How the season ticket adviser works is explained on the Season ticket advice page. You can also read about what you need to do to change your season ticket. If you have a monthly season ticket, check before you need to extend it whether it is still a good fit if your trip will change starting on 22 July.