New times

On 22 July, the renovated public transport network and the Noord/Zuid route are now in service

It is busy in Amsterdam and it continues to be increasingly busier. More tourists, more commuters, more residents… and more passengers. The increased busyness requires better and quicker connections. The arrival of the Noord/Zuid route, metro 52, is not just an expansion of public transport in Amsterdam with a new and fast connection between the north and south and vice versa. It is also an updated above ground public transport network.


The updated public transport network

We have listed all changes for your convenience. In addition, you can view the timetables and stop departure times for all routes and the entire routes map as of 22 July.


New Times newspaper

In June, the GVB newspaper Nieuwe Tijden (new times) was delivered house to house. Didn't receive it? Read it here.
We had to remove the map because it would make the file too large. You can find the link to the map above.

Click on the animation and take a trip on the new route

The Noord/Zuid route

22 July is the day. That's when the long expected and much talked about connection between Amsterdam Noord and the Zuid area will go into service as metro 52.

Plan your journey right in advance

In the Journey planner you can plan your trip in advance. If the travel date you enter is 22 July or later, you can now see what your journey will be like. 

Other changes

In addition to the changes in public transport in Amsterdam, the Connexxion and EBS services in the region will also change. Information about each transport companies changes in public transport to and from Amsterdam can be found at the Dutch website

There are new network maps for the day buses, night buses, trams, and so on. View these on the overview page.

It's possible that your season ticket route will be affected by the changes, so you would then need to change it. View the Check your season ticket page to see if this affects you and how to make any changes.

GVB Tickets & Info will have a new name, a new kiosk will be added, and one kiosk will be shut down. For more info, see the overview page.

Summer timetable

On Sunday 22 July, the summer timetable will go into effect and this aligns with the school vacation period. The schools will be closed and many people will go on vacation. The rush hour in particular will be less busy. During this period, many routes will run less often. The school routes will not be in service.

Metro 52 and buses 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 48, and 62 will run on the summer timetable. This timetable will be in effect until December when the 2019 timetable will go into effect. This also applies for buses 49, 231, 245, 246 , and 247 that never run on a summer timetable, but rather an annual timetable.