Cash payments no longer possible in the trams

Starting on Monday 26 March, in addition to tram 26, all other tram routes will become cashless. As of this date, all of our public transport vehicles are "cashless" and it will no longer be possible to use cash to buy a ticket.

Buy your ticket with your OV-chipkaart or PIN payment card

Of course, traveling with an OV-chipkaart is the easiest. When you have this card, you can always pay for a ticket and pay using a credit card or PIN payment card. This is possible using your PIN code or contactless.
You can pay using one of the following cards: V-pay, Maestro, VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, and Union Pay.

Still don't have an OV-chipkaart?

You can buy or request an OV-chipkaart in a jiffy. It is the easiest way to pay for your public transport trip. Generally, traveling on an e-purse balance during the day is cheaper than purchasing a ticket on the tram. Children aged four to eleven years and adults 65 years and up can travel with a personal OV-chipkaart with a 34% age discount. There is also an anonymous OV-chipkaart, which you can share with other people.

Buying a ticket beforehand using cash or a PIN payment card

This is possible in lots of places in the city. There are also plenty of points of sale where you can use cash to buy a ticket. There is an overview of all points of sale on our map of Amsterdam. You can also find a point of sale in your vicinity by using street name, zip code, or "my location".