No more cash in the bus

As of Sunday 26 March, it is no longer possible to use cash to purchase a ticket on the bus. (This was already the case on night buses as of 1 February.) This brings Amsterdam a step closer to cashless public transport. 

Cashless public transport in the capital

Together with other transport companies in the Amsterdam region, we are working hard to go completely cashless on public transport. This will make public transport safer for everyone. As of 26 March, our buses will be cashless, followed later in the year by the trams. 

Cashless public transport - Have a good trip

Tip: travel using the OV-chipkaart

Traveling using a personal or anonymous OV-chipkaart is the most convenient alternative. Traveling during the day with a balance on your e-purse is usually cheaper than purchasing a ticket in the bus.
You can also easily pay the fixed fare of € 4.50 for a night bus trip using the OV-chipkaart.

Read more about traveling with an e-purse balance on the night bus

Would you still rather use cash to purchase a ticket?

This is no longer possible in the bus, but it is possible at sales points in the city. You'll find all addresses here.

You can purchase a ticket in the day and night buses, but you will need your bank card.

If you do not have an OV-chipkaart or have not purchased a ticket beforehand, you purchase a ticket from the driver and pay using contactless payment with a PIN code or credit card. 

You can pay using one of the following cards: V-pay, Maestro, VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club, and Union Pay.


Toon de Munteman rode along on the "collection bus" on route 15

Saturday 25 March was the last day that you could use cash to purchase a ticket on the bus. This is why a special "collection bus" was in service on that day on route 15. In this bus, you could pay using cash for the last time. Doing so supports the work of Toon de Muntenman, Amsterdam resident of the year, 2016. Part of the day's earnings is being donated to his Amsterdam charities.