Pay for the last time with cash and support the Muntenman campaign

Saturday 25 March was the last day that you could use cash to purchase a ticket on the bus. This is why a special "collection bus" was in service on that day on route 15. In this bus, you could pay using cash for the last time. Doing so supports the work of Toon de Muntenman, Amsterdam resident of the year, 2016. Part of the day's earnings is being donated to his Amsterdam charities.

Toon rode along on the "collection bus" on route 15

On Saturday 26 March, Toon rode in person on his "collection bus".

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Tone, a man after our own Amsterdam heart

Toon Borst, better known as the Muntenman, is the Amsterdam citizen of the year 2016. For years, he has been collecting foreign coins in his milk churn at the Noordermarkt. He donates the proceeds to charitable causes that he works hard for. A man after our own Amsterdam heart.

As a partner of the election that each year "crowns" an Amsterdam resident who selflessly dedicates themself to neighbourhood or city, we saw an "exceptional" role for Toon in spreading our message that the bus will become cashless. "When you pay a ticket for the last time with cash, you will support the goals of the Muntenman".

We will donate a portion of the daily returns of buses to three Amsterdam charities that Toon has picked with us. These charitable causes are committed to helping young people and older people in different parts of Amsterdam.
We'll keep the charitiable causes to ourselves for the time being. In the coming months, we will announce these via our Facebook page and Twitter