Cashless public transport

The trams will also become completely "cashless"

Finally, starting on Monday 26 March, in addition to tram 26, all other tram routes will become cashless and it will no longer be possible to use cash to buy a ticket. As of this date, all of our public transport vehicles are "cashless".
Make sure you buy your ticket with your OV-chipkaart or PIN payment card.

No more cash on the Noordzee canal ferries

As of 1 February, it will no longer be possible to pay for a ticket using cash on the Hem, Buitenhuizer, or Velser ferries. You will be able to pay using a credit card, PIN payment card, or contactless.

No more cash in tram 26

tram 26 cashless
Starting 8 December , cash will no longer be accepted on tram 26 to purchase a ticket. Please have your OV-chipkaart or PIN payment card on hand, or purchase a ticket beforehand. 

Using my PIN card in the tram… yes, please

Starting July last, it was already possible in tram 26 to purchase a ticket using a PIN card, credit card, or contactless. In the meantime, you also do so in all tram routes excepting routes 5 and 24. So, it's now much more likely that you will pay for a ticket on a tram without the need for cash.

Installing PIN card readers in the tram is part of the objective to have cashless public transport, which was started a year ago.


No more cash in the bus

As of Sunday 26 March, it is no longer possible to use cash to purchase a ticket on the bus. (This was already the case on night buses as of 1 February.) This brings Amsterdam a step closer to cashless public transport.