Why does GVB use your personal information?

GVB uses your personal information for different purposes as listed below. Your personal information is not automatically used for all purposes at the same time.


Implementing the agreement:

If you use one of our vehicles and services, you must use your OV-chipkaart to check in and out. GVB then receives data (called trip transaction data). The processing of this data is necessary to be able to implement the transport agreement between you and GVB (including settling the trip when traveling on an e-purse balance) and when implementing a product agreement when you load a travel product on your OV-chipkaart (for example, an annual season ticket or a discount product). Agreements can be entered into with you or with companies that are your employer.


If you travel without a valid travel pass or you do not abide with the other applicable travel preconditions, GVB auditors can process your personal information to draw up an official report or impose a fine on you.

Customer service:

You can contact our customer service and GVB Tickets & Info kiosks for questions, comments, complaints, or claims. If you contact them, you will usually be asked for your personal information that are needed to help you properly. For example, when handling complaints, disputes, question, requesting insight into your own travel behavior, travel information, handling of lost and found items, restitution requests related to the use of your OV-chipkaart, etc.

For question, complaints, or requests related to a personal OV-chipkaart, customer service can ask for personal information, or you be asked to show valid identification at a GVB Tickets & Info kiosk. This is done to ensure that you are the real card holder to ensure that your personal information doe not fall into the wrong hands.

Customer services training purposes:

Phone calls with GVB customer service may be recorded for training purposes for customer service associates.

Dealing with the rights of involved parties:

If you have question about the processing of your personal information or exercising your rights under the General Data Protection Regulations or for the Data Protection Officer via, GVB will process the personal information you provided that is necessary to handle your question or request. If necessary, personal information will be requested from you to check whether you are actually who you say you are so that your personal information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Financial administration:

If you purchase an annual season ticket, GVB uses your personal information to carry out the financial administration, such as calculating, collecting on or crediting invoices for the annual season tickets. Our accounts receivables department processes your personal information to carry out to verify accounts receivables when supporting sales and maintaining contact with debtors. In addition, GVB is required by law to report its revenues to the Tax Authority. To do so, GVB keeps season ticket books that detail the sales data related to season tickets.

Managing personal user account:

If you created a personal user account on, GVB uses the information you provide to manager your account. This makes it possible for you to quickly and easily purchase and manger travel product, maintain your own preferred settings (for example, subscribing to the newsletter or a marketing survey), and modify your contact details. You can also view your previously purchased travel products and the validity date of your current travel products. GVB implements modifications that you make in your personal account in its systems so that your personal information is always correct and complete.

Improving websites and apps:

If you visit one of our websites or use the GVB app, GVB wants to analyze the website or app usage data to optimize and improve the websites and app so that it is more user friendly. GVB stores cookies for this purpose. Certain cookies are needed to allow the website or app to work properly and to allow you to use certain features of the website or app.

Marketing purposes:

If you are a GVB customer, GVB also uses your personal information for marketing purposes. GVB can use your contact details to send you public transport related offers or information about (promotional) GVB campaigns or actions. For example, for a new season ticket or a new service. If you do not wish to receive such marketing messages, you can quickly and easily unsubscribe at any time by clicking "Afmelden" (i.e. unsubscribe) at the bottom of the marketing message.

If you participate in GVB campaigns or actions, the personal information you provide is used to manage and implement the campaigns and actions. GVB may ask your consent to send you a survey as a part of a campaign or action. You will find more information about the use of your personal information in a campaign or action and, if involved, the survey in the more information section of the the campaign or action.

Market research:

GVB sometimes asks customers to participate in a market research study. Personal information that you provide for the market research is only processed with your permission and you will always be notified beforehand about the use of your personal information in the study.

Service and news (newsletter and Seintje alert):

If you wish, GVB can inform you about schedule or unscheduled travel information, such as diversions, disruptions, and maintenance work on your route. We can also send you news about GVB or traveling on the GVB network, such as the Noord-Zuid route, changes in the routes network, etc. If you have subscribed for this service, you will receive the service and news by e-mail in our newsletter or via an SMS text message when you subscribe for Seintje alerts. If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter or Seintje alerts, you can quickly and easily unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking the "Afmelden" (i.e. unsubscribe) at the botoom of the e-mail or, for Seintje alerts, you can uncheck the selected route numbers in the GVB app or on your personal user account at

Combating fraud and security services:

GVB uses your personal information to help detect and prevent fraud or other illegal or undesired activities with the OV-chipkaart or when purchasing travel products in the webshop. In addition, your personal information is used for security purposes, such as detecting and estimating security risk in GVB's OV-chipkaart system and webshop.

Providing accountability data to the granter of the concession:

GVB was granted the right to run public transport in the Amsterdam concession region. GVB must submit reports to the granter of the concession to account for our running of the concession. The content of these reports never contains personal information. However, GVB must process personal information to create aggregated data to include in the reports. This personal information is related to travel transaction data.

Video surveillance:

GVB has installed video cameras in our stations and our vehicles. These are used to police and enforce (public) safety for our passengers and our staff and to secure our properties. The videos can be used as evidence so that offenders in an incident can be tracked and prosecuted and/or, if needed, collect damages. In addition, the videos are also used to investigate and reconstruct accidents.

Finally, video cameras next to the metro drivers make it possible to see when it is safe to depart from a metro stop or station. The videos are eventually overwritten after a predefined period of time unless the videos need to be safeguarded, for example, in the event of an accident. More detailed information about video surveillance by GVB.

Improving services and business strategy:

When personal information is used for statistical purposes, the personal information is converted into data that cannot be associated with individuals. This non-traceable data can be used for (statistical or historical) market research, management information, market analysis, the development of products and services to better align public transport to passenger usage and our general business strategy. This allows GVB to improve and optimize its services.

Guarding entry to buildings and workplaces:

At a GVB reception area, visitors must provide their name, company name, the person they have appointment with, date, time of arrival and departure, and their initials. This allows GVB to monitor who enters and leaves its buildings and workplaces. In addition, visitors receive a visitor pass and its number is registered. This registration is intended to safeguard entry and and protect our visitors, so that GVB, in the case of a emergency or other event, knows which visitors are present in buildings or workplaces.

Legal purposes:

In some cases, GVB processes your personal information to handle and settle legal disputes, for example, claims submitted to the Public Transport Dispute Commission. In addition, GVB may process your personal information to comply with the law and regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulations, Passenger Transport Act 2000, and tax laws and regulations.