OV-chipkaart privacy

The OV-chipkaart is means of paying for public transport in the Netherlands and has replaced the use of strip cards. You are able to reload your OV-chipkaart with a balance or travel product (season tickets, train tickets, etc.).

You can choose from two different types of OV-chipkaart: personal or anonymous. There is also a disposable card that can be bought and used for a limited duration or a specific trip. The disposable chip card is an anonymous card.
The personal OV-chipkaart is a card that has your name and photo. You will need this if you want to make use of travel products requiring personal information, such as a season ticket or age reduction. If you choose the personal OV-chipkaart, you are known to the card issuer Trans Link Systems B.V. (TLS). If you purchase a season ticket from a public transportation company and allow them to load it on your OV-chipkaart, you are known to that public transportation company. You will remain anonymous to other public transportation companies. 

Responsibility for OV-chipkaart

If you have a GVB personal card with an annual season ticket loaded on the card, GVB will process your personal information (for the annual season ticket) and so will TLS in its role as card issuer. TLS is also responsible for the processing of your personal information. In addition, TLS handles the processing of all transactions that you carry out using the OV-chipkaart and also offers you the option of blocking you OV-chipkaart if it is stolen.

For more information about the TLS privacy policy, we refer you to the website;. GVB cannot be held liable for the TLS privacy policy. 

When is there an association made between season ticket administration and transaction data?

Personal data such as name and address for travelers with a personal card loaded with a GVB season ticket is processed by GVB for administering the season ticket. The transaction data (such as check in/out information, location and chip-id) are processed in the OV-chipkaart system. Season ticket administration is not part of the ov-chipkaart system and these are technically and physically separated. To protect the privacy of our passengers, the linking of this data is only possible at the express request of the passenger of in case of (a suspected) fraud with an OV-chipkaart and then only by authorized persons.