P+R Return trip

Park your car on the outskirts of the city and take public transportation to the city! You can do this using the P+R operated by the municipality of Amsterdam.

How does P+R return work?

The GVB P+R ticket gives you the right to two trips (leaving and returning, and maximum of 1 hour per trip) using GVB trams, buses, or metro, starting out from the official Amsterdam terrains listed below.  
Once you check in on public transportation, the GVB P+R ticket is valid for one hour. The second hour starts after the first hour has passed by and you check in again.  
NOTE! The tickets are only valid on GVB's daytime lines, and NOT on Connexxion or other transport companies and NOT on the GVB night buses! 

At P+R Noord (next to Station Noord), there are no GVB P+R tickets available in the vending machine. You must use your OV-chipkaart or purchase a ticket at the counter, in the bus, or at the metro station. 

The official P+R areas:

  • P+R ArenA (not during events)
  • P+R Sloterdijk
  • P+R Zeeburg
  • P+R Bos en Lommer
  • P+R RAI (not during events)
  • Weekend P+R VUmc 
  • P+R Olympisch Stadion (not during events)
  • P+R Noord