Work interruption on Monday 18 March

Starting at 06:00, work will be stopped for 66 minutes.

Started at 07:06, trams, buses, and metros will depart on their routes. Please take account that it may take a while for your tram, bus, or metro to reach your stop or station.
In addition, it may take an hour to an hour and a half before services run according to the timetable.

Day service that normally run before 06:00 will not be in service, e.g. the Schiphol shuttles 245, 246, and 247.
Night bus trips that normally finish at or about 06:00 will be suspended.

The ferries crossing the IJ and the Noordzee canal will be in service.

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Marnixplein maintenance work

  • Tram 3 - Flevopark - Zoutkeetsgracht direction: both
  • Tram 5 - Amstelveen Stadshart - Westergasfabriek direction: both

Friday 19 October 05:00 through Friday 15 February, trams 3 stops will be relocated to the Marnixplein. Through Thursday 25 April, the tram 5 stops will be relocated to and near the Marnixplein.

The existing stops are located in the work area and cannot be used.
The temporary stops for tram 3 are located to the north of the Marnixplein and the stops for tram 5 are located to the south of the Marnixplein.

As of Saturday 16 February, tram 3 will stop at its own new stops just past the Marnixplein. As of Friday 26 April, tram 5 will stop at its own new stops just before the Marnixplein.

Start date
19 October 2018 - 05:00
End date
26 April 2019 - 01:00
Maintenance work
Stop(s) relocated
Temporary stop(s)
  • Marnixstraat at street number 157 (through Friday 15 February, for tram 3 direction Zoutkeetsgracht)
  • Marnixstraat at street number 56 (through Friday 15 February, for tram 3 direction Flevopark)
  • Marnixstraat at street number 219 (through Thursday 25 April, for tram 5 direction Westergasfabriek)
  • Marnixstraat at street number 110 (through Thursday 25 April, for tram 5 direction Amstelveen Stadshart)