Elzenhagensingel maintenance work - FINISHED EARLY!

  • Bus 38 direction Elzenhagen Noord

The maintenance work listed below, and associated diversion, concluded on Saturday 2 April, which is earlier than the scheduled 9 April completion date.
Bus 38 is once again in service on the normal route via the usual bus stops.

Monday 20 March through Sunday 2 April, (was 9 April), maintenance work will be carried out in the Elzenhagensingel. This means that it will only be possible to drive along the canal in the direction of the J.H. Van Heekweg to the IJdoornlaan.

Bus 38 will run to the end loop in the opposite direction: starting at the Waddenweg, then via the H. Cleyndertweg (temporarily end/start point at the Bakkerswaal stop) and the J.H. van Heekweg to the Elzenhagensingel, and from there to the IJdoornlaan, Waddenweg, and then back on the normal route direction Molenwijk.

Start date
20 March 2017 - 06:00
End date
10 April 2017 - 05:00
Maintenance work
Route changed
Suspended stop(s).
  • Bakkerswaal
  • Eeuwige Jeugdlaan
Temporary stop(s)
  • Bakkerswaal stop (H. Cleyndertweg) in the other direction, opposite to the suspended stop
  • Elzenhagensingel across from the suspended Eeuwige Jeugdlaan stop