Amstelveenseweg-De Boelelaan maintenance work - tram 24 not running to VUmc

  • Tram 24 - VU medical center - Frederiksplein direction: both
  • Bus 62 - Station Lelylaan - Amstelstation direction: both
  • Bus 246 - Borneolaan - Schiphol Zuid direction: both

Saturday 18 July through Monday 10 August, maintenance work will be carried out at the Amstelveenseweg-De Boelelaan intersection. Work will be carried out on the tram tracks and the underpass at the VUmc. This means that tram 24 cannot reach the VUmc.

Tram 24 in service starting at the Stadionweg, then via the Amstelveenseweg to the temporary end and start stops at Haarlemmermeer station, and vice versa. You can then transfer to bus 62 direction VUmc.

Buses 62 and 246, and Connexxion 242, 244, 341, 346, 348, 358, N47, and N57 in service alongside the work area using the normal driving lane and thus cannot reach the normal VU medical center stops at the tram and bus lane in the De Boelelaan.

Suspended stops:
- Olympisch Stadion (Stadionplein; 24)
- IJsbaanpad (Amstelveenseweg; 24)
- Amstelveenseweg (Amstelveenseweg; 24)
- VU medical Center (De Boelelaan; 24, 62, 246, Connexxion buses)
- De Boelelaan/VU (De Boelelaan; 24)

Temporary stops:
- Haarlemmermeerstation (Amstelveenseweg; for 24)
- 'VU medical Center' (in the De Boelelaan next to the footpath at the suspended stop; for 62 Amstel station, Connexxion direction Amstelveen)
- 'VU medical Center' (in the Amstelveenseweg just past the De Boelelaan intersection; for 62 Station Lelylaan, 246 Schiphol, and Connexxion direction Stadionplein) 

Start date
18 July 2020 - 01:00
End date
10 August 2020 - 01:00
Maintenance work
Adjusted route, suspended stop(s)