Aalsmeerplein maintenance work

  • Bus 62 - Station Lelylaan - Amstelstation direction: both

As of Thursday 20 February, repair work is being carried out in the Aalsmeerplein to fix a broken water pipe. The Waternet company has indicated that this work will last until Wednesday 26 February, 13:00, when the Aalsmeerplein will be freed up.
Bus 62 will be diverted until 13:00.

Bus 62 in service starting at the Johan Huizingalaan, then via the Plesmanlaan and Heemstedestraat to the Hoofddorpplein, and then back on the normal route, and vice versa.

Suspended stops:
- Johan Huizingalaan (Johan Huizingalaan)
- Aletta Jacobslaan (Aletta Jacobslaan)
- Ottho Heldringstraat (Aletta Jacobslaan)
- Maassluisstraat (Vlaardingenlaan)
- Naaldwijkstraat (Vlaardingenlaan)
- Aalsmeerplein (Aalsmeerplein)
- Hoofddorpplein (Aalsmeerweg)

Temporary stops:
- Jac. Veltmanstraat (Plesmanlaan)
- Heemstedestraat (Heemstedestraat)
- Delflandlaan (Heemstedestraat)
- Westlandgracht (Heemstedestraat)
- Hoofddorpplein (Hoofddorpplein)

Start date
20 February 2020 - 06:00
End date
26 February 2020 - 13:00
Maintenance work
Adjusted route, suspended stop(s)