Tram 19 not in service to Diemen, bus 29 substitute for tram

  • Tram 19 - Station Sloterdijk - Diemen Sniep direction: both
  • Bus 29 - Amstelstation-Diemen Sniep direction: both

Monday 29 April through Thursday 16 May, the renovation work in the Muiderstraatweg will prevent tram 19 running to/from Diemen. Bus 29 will substitute for the tram on the suspended section of the route.

Tram 19 will run to the end of the Middenweg just before the A10 and then turn at the old turning point. Departing Station Sloterdijk, the last stop and the first stop is the Brinkstraat stop in the Middenweg.

Bus 29 in service starting at Amstel station (bus stop A8), then via the Hugo de Vrieslaan, Middenweg (via the Brinkstraat tram stop), Hartveldseweg, Arent Krijtsstraat, Wilhelminaplantsoen, Prinses Beatrixlaan, and Prinses Bernardlaan to the Muiderstraatweg and the end point Diemen Sniep (temporary bus stop next to the sidewalk).
The bus will run from this point back via the Prins Bernhardlaan, Prinses Beatrixlaan, Wilhelminaplantsoen, and Arent Krijtsstraat back to the Hartveldseweg, Middenweg (Brinkstraat tram stop), and return to Amstel station.
Note: the bus will not stop at the stops between Amstel Station and the Brinkstraat.

The transfer stop between tram 19 and bus 29 – in both directions – is the Brinkstraat stop in the Middenweg: the tram and bus will stop at the same stop in the same driving directions.

Suspended tram stops:
- Arent Krijtsstraat (Hartveldseweg)
- Schoolstraat (Hartveldseweg)
- Nic. Lublinkstraat (Muiderstraatweg)
- Diemen Sniep

Start date
29 April 2019 - 05:00
End date
17 May 2019 - 05:00
Maintenance work
Diversions/shortening of routes
Temporary stop(s)

Bus 29:

  • Amstel station, bus stop A8 (Julianaplein)
  • Brinkstraat (Middenweg)
  • Arent Krijtsstraat (Hartveldseweg)
  • Burg. Bickerstraat (Wilhelminaplantsoen)
  • Pr. Beatrixlaan (Prinses Beatrixlaan/Prins Bernhardlaan)
  • Pr. Bernhardlaan (Prins Bernhardlaan; richting Amstelstation)
  • Diemen Sniep