New Burg. Röellcircuit stop situation as of 30 July

  • Tram 7 - Azartplein - Slotermeer direction: both
  • Bus 69 - Station Sloterdijk - Schiphol Airport/Plaza direction: both

As of Monday 30 July, the location of the stops at the Slotermeerlaan around the Burg. Röellcircuit will be permanently changed.

The Lod. van Deysselstraat stop direction Burg. De Vlugtlaan (tram 7 Azartplein, bus 69 Sloterdijk) will then be named the Burg. Röellstraat, the Burg. Röellstraat stop (tram 7 Sloterpark, bus 69 Schiphol) will no longer be in service.
The Burg. Röellstraat to the south of the circuit (tram 7 Azartplein) will also no longer be in service. The stop direction Sloterpark (Tram 7 Sloterpark) will be once again in service.
The stops in the Burg. Röellstraat for, amongst others, tram 13, will not change.

This means that there will be one stop around the circuit in one direction, each just past the circuit.

The map shows the new situation.

Start date
30 July 2018 - 06:00
End date
1 January 2019 - 00:00
Changes of location of stops
Stop situation changed