Nova Zemblastraat stops out of service, Spaarndammerstraat stop will be relocated

  • Bus 22 - Muiderpoortstation - Station Sloterdijk direction: both
  • Bus 48 - Houthavens - Borneo Eiland direction: both
  • Bus 281 - Central Station - Station Sloterdijk direction: both

As of Sunday 2 September, the bus stop situation at the Spaarndammerdijk-Tasmanstraat-Spaarndammerstraat intersection will change.

Both Nova Zemblastraat stops in the Spaarndammerstraat for bus 22 and night bus 281 will be put out of service.

The Spaarndammerstraat stop in the Tasmanstraat for bus 48 direction Central Station will be relocated to the Spaarndammerdijk, i.e. before the intersection with the Spaarndammerstraat. This stop will also be used for bus 22 and night bus 281 direction Central Station.

The Spaarndammerstraat stop on the north side for bus 48 direction Houthavens will also be used for bus 22 and night bus 281 direction Sloterdijk.
This stop will also be temporarily out of service due to the maintenance work on the spot, such that bus 22 to Sloterdijk and bus 48 to Houthavens will run through the Spaarndammer tunnel. This will continue until 1 October.

Start date
2 September 2018 - 01:00
End date
15 October 2018 - 05:00
Changes of location of stops
Stop situation changed