Closure: Huntumdreef

  • Bus 41 - Station Holendrecht - Muiderpoortstation direction: both
  • Bus 249 - Lunaweg - Weesp direction: both
  • Bus 755 - Central Station - Gein direction: both

Monday 13 March through Sunday 14 May, the Huntumdreef will be closed to traffic. Maintenance work will be carried out next to the A9 viaduct.

Bus 41 in service from the Karspeldreef/Huntumdreef intersection, then via the Karspeldreef, Hondsrugweg, Laarderhoogtweg, Muntbergweg and Meibergdreef to Station Holendrecht, and vice versa.
Bus 249 (direction Weesp) in service from the Foppingadreef, then via the Karspeldreef, Hondsrugweg, Laarderhoogtweg, Muntbergweg, Meibergdreef and Holendrechtdreef to the Meerkerkdreef, and vice versa.
Night bus 755 direction Centraal Station, in service from Station Holendrecht, then via the Meibergdreef, Muntbergweg, Laarderhoogtweg and Hondsrugweg to the Karspeldreef, and vice versa.

Start date
13 March 2017 - 06:00
End date
14 May 2017 - 23:45
Road closed
Route changed
Suspended stop(s).
  • Huigenbos
  • Maasdrielhof
  • Holendrechtplein
  • Hakfort
Temporary stop(s)
  • not