Amstelveen route renovation

The work to install a new, rapid, and safe tram connection for Amstelveen is fully under way. During the construction work, you can use bus 55, trams 5 and 6, and Connexxxion buses to travel in Amstelveen. Developements are listed on this page for the public transport area.

17 June through 8 September: Oranjebaan elevator out of service

Monday 17 June through Sunday 8 September, the southern entrance and the lift at the Oranjebaan will be out of service. Bus 55 will also stop at the Onderuit stops. For people with mobility issues and wheelchair users, it is best to use the Onderuit as the transfer point between trams 5 and 6 and bus 55.
(This does not apply on 6 and 7 July while the bus 55 route is shortened. (See notice below.) On these days, transfer from bus 55 at the Stadstuinen stop at the Van Heuven Goedhartlaan to trams 5 or 6 at the Binnenhof stop.)

14 July through 25 August: trams 5 and 6 not in service between Zuid and Amstelveen Stadshart

During the summer, trams 5 and 6 will not be in service between Station Zuid and Amstelveen Stadshart. Shuttle bus 45 will cover this section of the route. Read the details.

31 August and 1 September: bus 55 route shortened

On Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September, the Beneluxbaan will be closed between the Rembrandtweg and the Uilensted due to work being carried out by the Waternet utility company. This means that bus 55 will not run between the Oranjebaan and Station Zuid. Bus 55 will only be in service between the Sacharovlaan and the Amstelveen bus station.

You can use trams 5 and 6 between the Binnenhof and Station Zuid. Tram 6 will also be in service this weekend to support tram 5. You will need to transfer to bus 55 at the Stadstuinen stop in the Van Heuven Goedhartlaan. 

Click here to view the diversion route.

The "Amstelveen Line renovation"

You can details about the "Amstelveen route renovation" project at the municipality's website: