Public transport in Landelijk Noord by Mokumflex

As of January 2018, the Municipality of Amsterdam has experimented with demand-based public transport in the Landelijk Noord neighborhood. GVB buses 30 and 31 are then no longer in service.

Mokumflex on-call bus

You can travel using Mokumflex (provided by RMC) together with other travelers that have already used the additional public transport service provided by RMC. It is a on-call bus concept where you reserve a seat one hour beforehand via the Mokumflex website.€ 2.60 and is paid automatically by direct debit. You can register for the automatic direct debit at the Mokumflex website.

More information about Mokumflex is provided below.

Separate transport for students

RMC provides separate transport for students travel to and from the OBS De Weidevogel elementary school. Students are guaranteed to arrive at school on time.

Advantages of traveling using Mokumflex:

  • seven days a week.
  • 06:00 – 24:00
  • trips without a timetable
  • travel from and to and between all bus stops on the old routes 30 and 31


Phone: 020 - 211 13 36

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