How crowded is it in our vehicles?

The trip planner on this site and in our app now also gives you an idea of how crowded it is in our vehicles. Crowds are indicated by 'person' icons: 1 person = enough space available, 2 persons = limited space available, and 3 persons = little to no space available. When no information is available, this is indicated by light grey person icons with a question mark. 

Travel responsibly, avoid crowds

In this current time of corona, we naturally would like to continue providing the best possible transport to everyone. In order to be able to continue travelling responsibly together, we ask travellers to avoid crowds as much as possible.
The crowd indicator gives you, the traveller, the ability to check in advance approximately how busy a specific vehicle is at the moment you want to travel. This information allows you to adjust your time of travel, if desired. 

Where and when you see the crowd indicator

Crowd information is displayed in the trip planner on this site as well as in our GVB app. 
The information is shown for one or more trips of a travel advice which has been requested in the planner. The information is also available on this site at the current departure times of lines. 

How is the crowd indicator determined?

A crowd prediction is based on recent public transport chip card data. By applying a calculation to this data, it is possible to make a good prediction of how crowded a certain line is. Therefore, it is a prediction and not real-time information. Naturally, we are working to make these predictions increasingly more accurate.