No more cash in GVB buses

Starting in the night of 31 January into 1 February, it will no longer be possible to use cash to purchase a ticket on the night buses of Amsterdam transport company GVB. As of 26 Maarch 2017, it will no longer be possible to use cash to pay for tickets on the roughly 200 GVB buses. This was approved last week by the Amsterdam Travel Region, who commissions GVB to manage public transport in the region.

Cashless public transport in the capital

Starting last year, GVB has worked hard in collaboration with the other transport companies in the region to introduce cashless public transport in the capital. A series of hold-ups on bus drivers in the beginning of 2016 motivated all existing transport companies to tackle this problem. The strategy focuses on boosting ticket sales "on the wall", for instance, ticket machines and sales points in the city (shops, hotels and service counters) and at Schiphol Airport. It's worth noting that paying for a ticket with cash on a vehicle actually causes delays. The fastest way to travel on public transport is and will remain traveling on an e-purse balance using an OV-chipkaart.

Direct response

The series of bus hold-ups was reason for GVB to form a direct response, namely, to end the option to purchase tickets using cash on trams and buses as soon as possible. The sales of day tickets and children's tickets had already been stopped at the beginning of 2016. At the same time, GVB immediately started building and testing PIN payment machine in all 200 buses. If travelers forget to buy a ticket beforehand or do not have a sufficient e-purse balance on their OV-chipkaart, they can purchase a ticket using their credit card or PIN payment card. The entire public transport in Amsterdam must be cashless by 1 January 2018. Coordinating with other transport companies in the region leading up to this date is very important. 

Additional measures

For night travelers, as the first to experience cashless payment, GVB is taking some additional measures. Mobile service teams will be present during the first period of nights at some busy locations such as Central Station IJ side, Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein, among other places, to inform travelers about pre-sale options. More information about ticket pre-sales and sales locations for travelers is provided in special brochures in GVB buses and trams and on our website.

For night travelers, the option to travel on an e-purse balance was made possible in 2016, which sharply reduced the number of cash payments on the night bus. The municipality of Amsterdam GVB in October and November 2016 introduced the purchase of an OV-chipkaart with a travel balance at greatly reduced rates for people on a small budget. This action will be repeated for this target group in March and April, so that traveling by public transport is accessible and attractive to all.