• Metro driver… ideal side job for student

    11 augustus 2017
    News item
    We are somewhat astounded by the huge number of students registering for the job of part-time metro driver. "Together with our recruitment partner Olympia, we focused on students and with great success. In only three days, we have…
  • Show your pride, enjoy the ride!

    27 juli 2017
    News item
    Amsterdam is gearing up for the annual Pride Amsterdam. It will take palce on 29 July through 6 August 2017. Nine days of parties and embracing our diversity. As the city transport company of Amsterdam, we will also be involved this year in…
  • Amsterdam opts for electric buses

    24 juli 2017
    News item
    In the coming years, Amsterdam will completely switch over to emission-free buses. The electric buses will be cleaner, quieter, and comfortable for passengers and drivers.   
  • Meet the new 15G tram

    18 juli 2017
    News item
    GVB's new 15G tram will be put into service in mid-2019. You can acquaint yourself with the tram this summer. A full-scale model of part of the tram (the mock up) will be exhibitied in a unique place in Amsterdam. Travelers and other interested parties can…
  • Using your PIN card in the tram for cashless public transport on the way

    6 juli 2017
    News item
    Starting on 7 July, GVB will provide readers for PIN card payments on tram 26. Installing PIN card readers in the tram is part of the objective to have cashless public transport, which was started a year ago. The switch to cashless payment has made the work of the drivers…
  • New routes and route numbers

    18 juni 2017
    News item
    The GVB recommendations for the new routes and route numbers starting in July 2018 has been approved by the Amsterdam Transport Region. About half of all routes and numbers will remain unchanged. The other half of the buses and trams will have...
  • De Florakokjes Association receives gift from GVB

    15 juni 2017
    News item
    Toon de Muntenman – Amsterdam Citizen of the Year – played an important role in the Cash from the Bus campaign earlier this year. On the last day that you could pay with coins, you supported Toon's chariity work. A part of the day's profit from…
  • New trams for renovated Amstelveen route get R-net colors

    24 mei 2017
    News item
    A part of the new GVB tram fleet, the 15G, will have the red-silver R-net colors. These will be put in service on the renovated Amstelveen route. This route will become a high-value public transport connection as part of the Randstadt network. This should have the complete R-net appearance…
  • Stably performing GVB advocates more investments in resources and infrastructure

    23 mei 2017
    News item
    In 2016, GVB earned 8.6 million euros from its business operations even though the subsidy for public transport in the capital was reduced further. In the past year, GVB has once again transported more passengers than the year before: 233.6 million…
  • OV-chip mobile is live!

    22 mei 2017
    News item
    This is it… starting today, travelers can check in and out using their mobile phone. Traveling with OV-chip mobile means you no longer have to carry an OV-chipkaart in your wallet!