• GVB completely cashless

    14 maart 2018
    News item
    As of 26 March 2018 and after the buses and the Noordzeekanaal ferries, all GVB trams are now also cashless. Passengers can then check in with their OV-chipkaart having purchased their ticket beforehand (with cash or PIN payment card) at one of the many points of sale…
  • GVB, Connexxion, and ROC Twente training young talent to be bus drivers

    12 maart 2018
    News item
    GVB and Connexxion will train fifteen secondary education students to become bus drivers. Eric Bavelaar van Connexxion: "This is unique. Never before have two public transport companies and a secondary school collaborated to train young talent…
  • Public transport coach helps less mobile people travel on public transport

    8 maart 2018
    News item
    People limited in mobility can learn how to travel by themselves with the public transport coach. On 7 March, the Municipality of Amsterdam, various regional transport companies, the VU University, and social organizations…
  • Noord/Zuid status under the spotlight

    6 maart 2018
    News item
    At the end of last year, GVB jointly with the project organization, Metro and Tram, and the Amsterdam Transport Region, asked a panel of experts to review the status of the Noord/Zuid route. The researchers recommended that the operational start date…
  • First official service counter in GVB now a fact

    22 februari 2018
    News item
    All conductor's cabins in the GVB trams will be replaced by service counters. These service counters will significantly improve contact between conductor and passenger, which was demonstrated by a pilot that GVB conducted last year for routes 1 and 2.  
  • GVB begins tender process for Amsterdam electric buses

    2 februari 2018
    News item
    Starting in 2020, the first GVB electric buses will be put into service in Amsterdam. Routes 15, 22, and 36 will be the first to have electric buses. The electric buses are charged using Opportunity Charging (charging while stationary). The municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Transport Region, and…
  • "Super Important" campaign to combat use of apps and phone in traffic

    19 januari 2018
    News item
    The use of a smartphone in traffic, including when walking or cycling, is clearly dangerous. So, it is time that people really become aware of just how dangerous it is. In fact, it's a matter of life and death. For this group of people, Amsterdam is starting…
  • GVB recruiting thousands of passengers to test the Noord/Zuid route

    19 januari 2018
    News item
    On the last open day (20 January) for the Noord/Zuid route, GVB will recruit thousands of passengers to help test the last crucial phase of the Noord/Zuid project. The public transport company will distribute flyers to the interested visitors of the metro stations to ask…
  • GVB starts a special chip card campaign for children

    15 januari 2018
    News item
    Starting today, GVB has started a special campaign to allow children to experience the ease of traveling on an e-purse balance. Children four to eleven years of age (or their parents) can for a short period of time request a personal OV-chipkaart valued at 7.50 euros via…
  • Regional transport strike on 4 January 2018

    3 januari 2018
    News items, Travel news
    Regional transport has announced that there will be a strike on Thursday 4 January 2018. GVB is a city transport company and will not take part in the strike. GVB services will run as usual on 4 January. An exception is that the GVB bus routes (direction Schiphol or Weesp)…