• Tram 5 not in service between Zuid and Amstelveen Stadshart

    9 juni 2019
    Travel news
    During the weekend of 15 and 16 June and the summer period of 14 July through 25 August, tram 5 will not be in service between Station Zuid and Amstelveen Stadshart. Shuttle bus 45 will cover this section of the route.
  • Do you purchase your season ticket online?

    3 juni 2019
    Travel news
    Nowadays we shop online. More and more people are buying products and services online. And more travelers are buying their travel product online. For example, it is no longer necessary to stand in line at a GVB Service & Tickets branch to purchase a ticket...
  • Free OV-chipkaart for children. Request it now!

    22 mei 2019
    Travel news
    Travel with a 34% discount? A monster of an offer! If you are four to eleven years of age, you can travel with a 34% discount when you have a personal OV-chipkaart. This is often much cheaper and easier than traveling on a single ticket. And, we've made it even better...
  • Bus 55 replaces metro 51

    3 maart 2019
    Travel news
    As of Sunday 3 March, metro 51 route is in service on a new route. The metro no longer runs in the Buitenveldert and Amstelveen. Instead, metro 50 runs from Station Zuid to Sloterdijk and Isolatorweg. Metro 51 will no longer be in service in Buitenveldert and Amstelveen. The expectation...
  • Closed metro stations and changes stops

    3 maart 2019
    Travel news
    A overview is provided below of the (closed) metro stations, the location of the replacement stops along the route, the stops for bus 55, bus 551, and tram 5, and the streets where the stops are located. Click on the station name (if it is a link) for the map...
  • Kronenburg stop out of service

    7 januari 2019
    Travel news
    As of Monday 7 January, the Kronenburg stop for tram 5 and metro 51 is no longer in service.
  • Public transport in Landelijk Noord by Mokumflex

    8 december 2018
    Travel news
    Up until 9 December 2019, the Municipality of Amsterdam has experimented with demand-based public transport in the Landelijk Noord neighborhood. GVB buses 30 and 31 are then no longer in service.   
  • Amstelveen route renovation

    9 juni 2018
    Travel news
    Everyone who regularly uses metro 51 already knows. It will be replaced. There will be a new, fast, and safe tram connection for Amstelveen. As part of the preparation work, the Onderuit and some other metro stops will be altered.
  • Read more news at (in Dutch)

    22 mei 2018
    News item
    You can read the latest GVB news at