• Ferries moving back to the Pontsteiger, Nachtelijk West ferry

    13 juni 2018
    Travel news
    Monday 18 June, the Houthaven ferry, the Distelweg ferry, and the Nachtelijk Westveer (nightly west ferry) were moved from the Westerdoksdijk back to the Pontsteiger (ferry landing) at the Tasmanstraat. The timetable for the Nachtelijk Westveer was also extended. The…
  • Connexxion strike on 7 June

    7 juni 2018
    News items, Travel news
    Thursday 7 June, the workers of the regional transport company will once again be on strike. The strike is due to the difficulties surrounding the collective bargaining agreement negotiations with the regional transport company. On this occasion, the Connexxion workers will strike in Noord Holland in the regions Haarlem-IJmond, …
  • GVB will replace all ferry rudders

    16 mei 2018
    News item
    Today, at about 17:15, IJ ferry 52 made a hard landing at the Central Station quay. We are really dismayed that this has occurred again for our passengers and also for our captains. It is an exceptional...
  • The Noord/Zuid route, disruptions, and yellow ribbons

    12 mei 2018
    News item
    "Why have we stopped for so long?" "Why press the SOS button?" These are a few quotes from the yellow-vested group of test passengers that encountered the 'Dealing with Breakdowns' test trip when on the way to their destination. This was not always easy with different 'switch failure'…
  • GVB initiates tender process for sustainable energy within the Netherlands

    11 mei 2018
    News item
    On 11 May, GVB initiated the tender process for a new, sustainable energy contact for the following ten years. GVB was already the first urban transport company to work with green energy and will go a step further with the new tender. The green energy…
  • Regional transport strike on 30 April and 1 May 2018

    26 april 2018
    News items, Travel news
    Regional transport has announced that they will strike on Monday 30 April and Tuesday 1 May 2018. GVB is a city transport company and will not take part in the strike. GVB services will run as usual on 30 April and 1 May. An exception is that the GVB bus routes (direction…
  • Dates and times for the test runs on the Noord/Zuid route are set!

    10 april 2018
    News item
    Finally! The and times for the test runs on the Noord/Zuid route are set. Starting today, you can now register for a test run on GVB's new metro route via (Dutch).
  • Noord/Zuid route will be in service starting on 22 July 2018

    5 april 2018
    News item
    The day-to-day operational management board of the Amsterdam Transport Region has confirmed that the Noord/Zuid route will be in service starting on 22 July 2018. At this time, the timetables of the GVB, Connexxion, and EBS will transport companies will be different.
  • Passenger's rating of GVB increased strongly

    21 maart 2018
    News item
    Passenger's rating of GVB increased strongly in 2017. This was shown by the Public Transport Customer Barometer report published on 21 March. Where passenger satisfaction in 2016 remained the same as for the previous year, in 2017…
  • GVB completely cashless

    14 maart 2018
    News item
    As of 26 March 2018 and after the buses and the Noordzeekanaal ferries, all GVB trams are now also cashless. Passengers can then check in with their OV-chipkaart having purchased their ticket beforehand (with cash or PIN payment card) at one of the many points of sale…