• No smoking on the ferries

    19 oktober 2017
    News items, Travel news
    As of 1 January 2018, smoking will no longer be permitted on GVB ferries. The municipality of Amsterdam has decided this and GVB Ferries will amend its rules and passenger information accordingly.   
  • GVB Bus is the first public transport company that satisfies the System Monitoring status of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate

    18 oktober 2017
    News item
    GVB's bus company is the first public transport company that has received the System Monitoring status from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate. This was ratified on Thursday 13 October 2017 by both parties with…
  • Golden Green Award certificate for the new IJ ferries

    10 oktober 2017
    News item
    The new IJ ferries, IJ ferry 60 and IJ ferry 61, have received the Green Award eco label. Starting this year, passenger ships are now also eligible for this eco label, including ferries. The Green Award certifies that inland shipping score high in…
  • Thank you to our dear Mayor

    6 oktober 2017
    News item
    You always said: "As long as the trams are running, I know that all is well with the city." That's right and we will continue to run. You are in our thoughts… the most cherished and courageous mayor of Amsterdam.   
  • (work at GVB) ranked in Top 6 best recruitment websites

    5 oktober 2017
    News item is one of the six nominated sites that have a chance of winning the title of 'best recruitment website in the Netherlands'. The Digitaal-Werven (digital recruitment) organization announced this yesterday.
  • "Back in town!"

    26 september 2017
    News item
    Remember me? I was waiting for you in the tram. Out of nowhere, there I was when you sat bored staring out the window… your traveling companion. I still remember how we played together. Well, yes, maybe I did have a big mouth and appetite, but we had a terrific time together…
  • Website ("working at GVB") nominated for award

    12 september 2017
    News item
    GVB along with eleven other companies were nominated out of 500 organizations for the Digitaal-Werven Award (digital recruitment award) for the best corporate recruitment website. Digitaal-Werven organizes his competition and assessed the recruitment websites on 100 elements…
  • Lots of interest in the new model 15G tram

    12 september 2017
    News items, Travel news
    Travelers, interest groups, and other interested parties acquainted themselves with GVB's new 15G tram. In July and August, the city transport company showed off a full-size mock up of part of the tram at the tram depot…
  • GVB wants to improve safety using "extra eyes" on the tram

    12 september 2017
    News item
    In September, GVB started a pilot test of the Shield+ system in the tram. This system is a combination of three smart cameras with software that are attached to the front and sides of the tram. The system is an extra tool to…
  • Municipal council members take turns as interns at GVB

    1 september 2017
    News item
    As the municipal elections approach, today, we kick off with the start of the political year with an "internship" for Amsterdam council members. The local VVD, PvDa, and D66 were the first parties to spend an entire day working alongside us to see with their own eyes…