• Official GVB reaction to false allegation about refusing a group of Jewish passengers

    13 december 2017
    News item
    We received messages this morning on social media informing us that a group of passengers were refused entry by a bus driver "based on their Jewish appearance". This allegation that spread quickly affects us deeply. Everyone is…
  • Vote on the best GVB travel improvement of 2017

    11 december 2017
    News items, Travel news
    Starting today and under the title "What makes you happy as a passenger", you can choose which travel improvement is the best in your opinion. Last year, we implemented about 60 measures to improve your travel experience.   
  • Passengers vote on new broadcast voice

    5 december 2017
    News items, Travel news
    Current travel information reaches passengers via the website, social media, and broadcast announcements. The broadcast voice will be soon be re-recorded by two different voices: one for announcing stops (static…
  • New service counter for GVB trams

    5 december 2017
    News items, Travel news
    All conductor's cabins in the trams will be replaced by a service counter. These service counters will significantly improve contact between conductor and passenger, which was demonstrated by a pilot program in the past months on routes 1 and 2. Passengers feel…
  • Children travel cheaper with a personal OV-chipkaart

    1 december 2017
    News items, Travel news
    In 2018, children four to eleven years of age will get a 34% discount when they travel using a personal OV-chipkaart. More than 70% of their trips will be cheaper than when using a single ticket. Traveling with a personal OV-chipkaart provides a reduced fare…
  • GVB will run Metro 54 run through New Year's night in Amsterdam

    22 november 2017
    News item
    Travelers who have celebrated New Year's Eve in Amsterdam can want to go home can take the additional GVB night buses and, now for the first time, also take Metro 54. On New Year's night, Monday 1 January, Metro 54 will be in service from 01:30…
  • As of 10 November, trams will again run via the Marnixstraat

    9 november 2017
    Travel news
    As of Friday 10 November, trams 10, 13, 14, and 17 will once again run via the Marnixstraat. The sinkhole in the Marnixstraat was repaired last week.  
  • Development of station contributes to feeling of safety

    27 oktober 2017
    News item
    Today, the opening of an AH To Go at the Waterlooplein metro stations is a new step forwards in the development of the station. In the coming years, we want to improve your perception of the Amsterdam metro stations. Together with the municipality…
  • (Re-) appointment of members of GVB's Supervisory Board

    20 oktober 2017
    News item
    During GVB's general meeting of shareholders, Elfrieke van Galen was appointed and Sigrid van Aken was appointed as members of the Supervisory Board of GVB Holding NV.  
  • No smoking on the ferries

    19 oktober 2017
    News items, Travel news
    As of 1 January 2018, smoking will no longer be permitted on GVB ferries. The municipality of Amsterdam has decided this and GVB Ferries will amend its rules and passenger information accordingly.