Track work

Maintenance on the tracks and associated infrastructure is normal for public transportation. This can be inconvenient for people that live and work in the area. We do our utmost to limit noise nuisance and detours to an absolute minimum. 

Overview of GVB maintenance work

Street from to
Oosterpark, Eerste Oosterparkstraat, and Beukenweg intersection Mon 6 May Fri 10 May
Pieter Calandlaan - Baden Powellweg Tue 30 Apr Wed 15 May
Pieter Calandlaan - Hoekenes Tue 30 Apr Wed 15 May
Beethovenstraat and JM Coenenstraat Mon 29 Apr Fri 10 May
Metro station Henk Sneevlietweg Mon 29 Apr Mon 17 Jun
Osdorpplein Tue 30 Apr Wed 15 May
Hoofdweg-Postjesweg intersection Fri 26 Apr Sun 12 May
Kinkerstraat Fri 26 Apr Sun 12 May
Rijnstraat and Van Woustraat  Wed 24 Apr Mon 17 Jun
Hoofddorpplein - Zeilstraat Thu 18 Apr Fri 3 May
Amstelstraat Mon 15 Apr Fri 19 Apr
Rozengracht upper wires towers Sun 14 Apr Fri 19 Apr
Metro station Bullewijk Wed 10 Apr Thu 6 Jun
Alexanderplein Sarphatistraat intersection Mon 8 Apr Fri 12 Apr
Amstelveenseweg Sun 7 Apr Sun 14 Apr
Paulus Potterstraat Mon 1 Apr Fri 5 Apr
Van Woustraat - Rijnstraat track replacement Wed 24 Apr Mon 17 Jun
Laan van Vlaanderen tram track crossings Tue 26 Mar Fri 12 Apr
Metro station Verrijn Stuartweg Mon 25 Mar Fri 19 Apr
Ceintuurbaan and Ruyschstraat Mon 25 Mar Fri 31 May
Ceintuurbaan-van Woustraat track switch Sun 24 Mar Fri 5 Apr
Centraal Station and surrounding area  Tue 19 Mar Sat 20 Apr
Metro station Heemstedestraat Mon 18 Mar Fri 26 Apr
Metro station Spaklerweg Mon 18 Mar Mon 22 Apr
Leidseplein - Stadhouderskade Sun 17 Mar Sun 7 Apr
Raadhuisstraat upper wire masts Mon 11 Mar Fri 5 Apr
Zeilstraat-Amstelveenseweg Sat 9 Mar Fri 10 May


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