Lost property

If you have lost something on one of our vehicles, you can look here whether it was found. It is not necessary to call us. 

Look for lost object

All found objects are collected at the end of the day at the end points of all of our routes. The following morning, the items are taken to the lost and found counter. These are then registered and you will be able to search for your item.

  • Lost on Monday through Thursday: Look on the following workday starting at 14:00
  • Lost on Friday through Sunday: Look on Monday starting at 14:00

If a lot of items are found, it can take a while for it all to be registered. So, it is possible that some items are not yet registered online by 14:00. Please take this into account, especially after the weekend, and check again at a later time.

If your item is not listed after three days then unfortunately it has not been found. 

Found object

If your item is listed, click on the button "dit voorwerp is van mij" (this object is mine). You will need to prove that the item is yours by providing some descriptive features that are not visible on the photo, such as

  • the contents of a bag
  • damage to a phone
  • the screensaver on a laptop or phone
  • on what route the items was lost
  • or you have the purchase receipt for the item

NOTE: It is important that you go through the online process entirely to ensure that you are recognized. Afterwards, you then go to pick up your item at the counter or have it sent to you. 

Getting lost object back

If proven that you are the owner, you can go to the lost and found counter. Remember to bring your identification and the registration number.

Lekstraat depot
Kromme Mijdrechtstraat 25
1079 KN Amsterdam

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 17:00, Thursday, 09:00 – 19:00.
Closed: Saturday, Sunday and official holidays.

You can also choose to have the item sent to your home. You will pay the shipping costs directly to DHL.


GVB cannot be held liable for an object lost in one of our vehicles. Perishable items are removed from bags for reasons of hygiene and to prevent vermin.