Reimbursement policy

GVB does everything possible to ensure we run on time. Unfortunately, delays cannot always be avoided. The refund scheme is available to compensate you for such inconveniences. We provide the details below.

Reimbursement for your taxi fare

In the following situations, we will compensate you for your taxi fare within the GVB service region.

1. Missing a guaranteed connection
This is when no vehicle arrives within 20 minutes of the indicated transfer time for the guaranteed connections.
Metro 51 to bus 62

2. The cancelling of the last run
If no vehicle arrives within 20 minutes after the indicated departure time for the last run on the day route.

3. A delay of more than one hour
If you have been delayed more than an hour at a stop and there is no alternative public transport available.

You will not be compensated…

  • If alternative public transport is available within 20 minutes of the reported transfer time or departure time for the last run.
  • If you miss a transfer connection that is not one of the guaranteed connections.
  • When the last run is cancelled for one of the following routes: rush hour/reinforcing routes 231, 245, 246, 247, and 248, school bus routes 240 and 249, Gelderlandplein routes 461, 463, 464, and 465, Riekerpolder routes 68 en 267, and the GVB night buses 281, 282, 283, 284, 285, 287, 288, 289, 291 en 293.
  • When there are delays or cancellations with other transport companies such as NS, Connexxion and EBS.
  • When the delay or cancellation of runs are part of planned diversions and maintenance work. You will find this information at among other places this website and on posters in the vehicles and at stops.
  • In exceptional cases of force majeure affecting GVB services, such as loss of power, strikes, or when road safety is at stake.
  • For a taxi trip to a destination that is outside the GVB service area and thus is not reachable using a GVB route.
  • If you do not follow the prescribed refund procedure correctly.

How much reimbursement can you receive?

The reimbursement will be the cost of the taxi fare from the stop where you experienced the delay to your destination within the GVB service region.

How to request reimbursement

Ask for a taxi fare receipt. Download the Reimbursement form via the link below and complete the form.
The form is also available from Customer Service.

Reimbursement for base rate paid twice

If your travel time takes 35 minutes longer due to a delay or cancellation to get to a connecting route and this leads to you being charged twice for the base rate, we will refund the double paid base rate.
You request a refund for the double paid base rate by calling our Customer Service at 0900 8001.

Something went wrong with a ticket machine

If something went wrong at one of our ticket vending machines, you will receive a claim voucher that you can use at our Tickets & Info kiosks.. If you have not received a claim voucher or were unsuccessful trying to load more than € 50, please call our Customer Service at 0900 8011.