Where are the disruptions listed?

Disruptions where information is available are indicated by the route number being displayed in red on our homepage under "Current status of the routes". 

No info available at this time

It is possible that you are at a stop where there is a disruption, but that is not indicated on our homepage. This is because it takes a little time for the information to become available. In many cases, information will be available after five minutes. So, it is best to check the homepage regularly. 

Disruptions and diversions indicated by the app

At this time, disruptions are not shown separately in the app. You will find these listed with diversions. We will soon display this more clearly. 

Receive messages via our app

The GVB app makes it possible to receive warning notifications about scheduled and unscheduled diversions (disruptions). Read how you can download the app and how to receive notification messages.