Fare for bus 55 route changed.

As of 5 August, the fare for bus route 55 between Amstelveen Westwijk and Station Zuid will be changed to the benefit of passengers.


If you traveled during the previous period on an e-purse balance and paid the full fare, we will refund the difference in fare. This involves the new fare as of 3 March. This amount will be automatically made ready for passengers to pick up at a GVB ticket machine between 1 September and 1 December 2019.

OV-chipkaart replacement

If in the meantime, you have acquired a new or replacement OV-chipkaart and the amount is ready for your old OV-chipkaart number, after 1 September, please contact our customer service. We will ensure that the amount will be readied for the correct card.

Exception to compensation due to diversion

As a passenger, you pay for the number of kilometers traveled including when there is a (scheduled or unscheduled) diversion. Sometimes you will travel a shorter or longer route. In the case of route 55, the circumstances are exceptional and the diversion is so long that the parties will make an exception and provide compensation.

Route trip fare for route 55 adjusted

In consultation with the Amsterdam Travel Region, we decided to reduce the kilometer rate for bus 55. As of 5 August 2019, this will be 58% of the normal rate. The average price difference for a two-way trip on route 55 while traveling on an e-purse balance will be 0.35 euro lower than when you traveled on route 51.
The adjustment means that it will be cheaper for almost all e-purse balance travelers (full rate) for a two-way trip. Following the reduction, 8% of the e-purse balance travelers (full rate) will see a negative difference of maximally 0.15 euro compared to a two-way trip on the old route 51. If you are in this group, you can report this to our Customer Service via 0900-8011 or the contact form.