Does GVB have enough metros for all routes now that the Noord/Zuid route is in service?

The metros that we have are sufficient to service the timetables of all of our current routes. But it's a tight fit and will continue to be so until the end of 2021. This is when our new M7 metros will be put into service. Until then, we will do our utmost every day to ensure there are enough vehicles in service. Unfortunately, this may not be entirely possible on occasIons for technical reasons. To be able to provide services with fewer metros that run according to the timetable, it may be necessary for a run to be skipped or to put shorter metros into service on routes 50, 53, and 54 (two instead of three linked coaches) than we are used to. 

Not easily exchangeable

A question we occasionally get is why we don't take a metro from route 52 - the Noord/Zuid route - and put it into service on other routes when there is a disruption, e.g. a technical malfunction. Unfortunately, that is not an option. This is becauses we use other software on the Noord/Zuid route. This makes it impossible to quickly swap out metros when there is a disruption on the metro network. 

M4 metro renovation work

We are also working hard on revonating our M4 metros. After twenty years of trusty service, these metros will receive an extensive clean up including a new interior and new seat. This will allow these metros to continued to be used. The last of the vehicles (of a total of thirty-three) is now being worked on. These will be ready at the end of 2018 and will be put into service on the existing metro network.

Reduced flexibility

All of the above work has put some constraints on us. There is much less flexbility in how we deploy our metros. If a breakdown occurs on the tracks (e.g. a sign or switch failure), or something unexpected happens that causes a metro delay, you will notice this quicker than is usual. This is really annoying. At the moment, we are doing everything possible to resolve issues as soon as we can for you and other passengers.

Route 51

The breakdown of route 51 is completely separate to (the testing of) the Noord/Zuid route. We do our utmost to reduce breakdowns as much as possible. Until recently, we had a few single carriage metros in service in addition to the double/coupled carriages. After complaints from our passengers about these single carriages, not enough space and overfull metros, we now only put double carriages in service on the route. This provides better service, punctuality, and easier transfers.

The (near) future

Now that the Noord/Zuid route is in service, we expect that the busyness of metro routes 53 and 54 will reduce somewhat. Route 51 will go out of service in March 2019. At that time, we will renovate these metro vehicles and put these metros into service on the existing metro network/other existing routes. This will graddually improve our service on the way to 2021 when we introduce the newest metros .