What personal information is processed by GVB?

This page provides more information about the use of personal information that we process.

Personal information you provide to us

If you purchase a GVB annual season ticket, we receive the name and address details of the annual season ticket holder, data about your OV-chipkaart, data related to the purchase, and data about the season ticket and your date of birth. If you purchase a GVB monthly season ticket, day ticket, e-purse balance, or discount season ticket from our webshop, we receive purchase related to the data and data about the product. If you purchase a GVB monthly season ticket, day ticket, e-purse balance, or discount season ticket via a GVB point of sale or GVB Tickets & Info, we recieve only your data related to your OV-chipkaart, namely, the chip-ID of your card. More information about the processing of your personal data related to the OV-chipkaart can be found below in this privacy declaration. Privacy and OV-chipkaart and Information management.

If you contact our customer service for questions, complaints, or claims, or use some other method to contact us (e.g. via social media, or our Data Protection Office), we will process your personal data depending on your question, complaint, or claim, such as name and address details, complaint details, refund data, date of birth, travel transaction data, data related to the purchase, data related to the travel product, or your OV-chipkaart data. In addition, if you have lost something and contact us about it or try to pick it up, we process your name, e-mail address, and possibly address details to mail lost property back to you.

If you contact us by phone, the call may be recorded for training purposes for our customer service associates.

If you travel without a valid travel pass or do you not not abide by the applicable travel preconditions, GVB auditors can process your personal information to draw up an official report or ticket.

Video camera are installed at stations and in our vehicles for policing purposes and safeguard your safety. These cameras record videos.
More details information about GVB camera surveillance.

You may also provide us with personal information in some other ways. You may create a user account using that allows you to then save and modify your personal settings, view information related to your season tickets, purchase products to load these on your OV-chipkaart, or view these on your card. To create a user account, you will need to enter your e-mail address.

Thereafter, you can choose to share personal information with us, such as your date of birth, OV-chipkaart number(s), and favorite route number(s) (so that you can receive alerts). In addition, you can indicate your preference regarding receiving newsletters, travel information (Seintje alert), or information about new products services. Or, you can indicate that you want to participate in market research, such as GVB surveys. In this case, GVB processes data, such as your e-mail address, and travel information about your favorite route number(s) when you set your preference to do so.

You can also choose to participate in GVB (promotional) campaigns, special actions, or surveys. If you participate, you provide us personal information that will depend on the particular campaign, action, or survey.

On our buses and trams, you can only pay for a travel pass when you purchase it with a bank payment card or credit card. When you pay for your ticket, your transaction data is recorded so that your payment can go through.

If you submit a claim to GVB, data is processed to be able to settle the claim, namely, your name and contact details, account and payment data, and details related to the incident.

Personal information about others that your provide to us
If you are an employer that purchases annual season tickets for your employees, the processor sends us the name and contact details of the employees who will receive the annual season tickets. If you purchase an annual season ticket for your child or a ward, you send us the name and contact details of your child or ward. It is also possible that the person paying for an annual season ticket is different than the person who is the holder of the season ticket. In this case, we receive youname and the account number of the account holder.

We would like to remind you that if you provide us with personal information about another person, they should be made aware of this and know how GVB uses their personal information as described in this privacy statement.

Personal information that GVB automatically processes
If you travel on public transport and use your OV-chipkaart to check in and out, GVB automatically processes the data related to each check in and check out transaction. This includes your location, the time, and the Chip ID of your OV-chipkaart, which is used to process your trip.
 More information about the processing of your personal data related to your OV-chipkaart can be found below in this privacy declaration under Privacy and OV-chipkaart and Information management.

If you visit our websits, our GVB app, or your MyGVB account, we automatically collect certain information by using cookies.

Personal information that GVB receives from other sources
We receive personal information from you and other sources. These are independent third parties. For example, Translink Systems BV, automatically loads blocked OV-chipkaarts in GVB's OV-chipkaart system and trip transaction data from other public transport companies be queried by GVB for two months to provide customer service. Personal information we receive from these third parties can be combined with information you sent to GVB, for example, to be able to answer a question.

If you purchase travel products in our webshop, we use third-party services to carry out the payment. These third parties share the payment data so that GVB knows the payment was made and to ready your travel product.