Information management

What do we use your information for?

GVB and other public transport companies want to ensure that public transport is as efficient and effective as possible. This is why it is important that public transport companies have a good understanding of passengers' travel patterns. This understanding is also important for third parties, such as local authorities tasked with the improvement of services provided to passengers.

We obtain this insight using statistical research. GVB and other public transport companies (collectively "we" or "we" or "us") have jointly decided on which personal data may be used to obtain insight and on what manner in which the personal data will be used. We call this information management. These agreements are set out in a Collaboration Agreement between the public transport companies.

What personal data do we use?
We decided that with respect to carrying out statistical research, we may only use transactional data and not use passenger specific data, such as your name or date of birth.

Transaction data is created when you check in and out with your OV-chipkaart and is read in via the chip-ID in your card. This data is used to settle your travel transactions. This is implemented by Trans Link systems B.V. (hereafter "Translin"). You can find this data in the transaction summary for your OV-chipkaart.

According to the privacy legislation, we may also use transaction data for statistical research based on our published privacy declaration.

We store transaction data for statistical research in a separate database at Translink. The data is anonymized before it is saved. Anonymization encrypts the identifying attributes in the data. This means that the data cannot derive who an individual is without additional information. After the data is anonymized, Translink creates research files. These contain a set of statistical data. This aggregated statistical data can be used by Translink or other specialized companies to create information products. The research files and information products do not contain any form of personal data.

Central contact point
We have set up a central contact point so you can ask questions about the processing of your data into research files and information products. You can contact Translink via You can also submit a request to Translink to exercise your rights. If you do not want your transaction data to be used for statistical research on travel patterns, you can request this via e-mail. To this end, send your e-mail to Translink via In your e-mail, specify your OV-chipkaart card number and clearly indicate that you object to the use of your transaction data being linked to your card number for statistical purposes.

Who can we share your data with?
Your data is processed by Translink at our request. To this end, we have made agreements with Translink set out in a processing agreement, for example, about data security and the separation of data.

Translink engages a third party to anonymize the transaction data. The anonymization makes it extremely difficult to link it to individuals. Translink then compiles aggregated statistical research files that cannot be linked to individuals.

Using the research files, Translink or other specialized companies can create information products. For example, to detect trends in travel flows that can be used to determine where new public transport routes must be established. We can pass on these sort of information products to the authorities and to third parties tasked with (public) transport responsibilities or improving passenger services. The information products do not contain any personal data.

We do not pass on your personal data for this purpose to (legal) entities outside the European Economic Area.

How long do we store your data?
We store transaction data and the anonymized transaction data for a maximum of eighteen months after the date of your journey.