Retention period

GVB saves your personal information for as long as it is needed to achieve the purpose that it intended for or until the (legal) retention period has expired.
Travel transaction data
(this is data related to the use of an OV-chipkaart): maximally 18 months. Retention periods are coordinated with different organizations, such as consumer organizations, the Ministry of Finance, the Tax and Customers Administration, the VNO-NCW employer's organization, and the Personal Data Authority (previously the Dutch Data Protection Authority).

Season ticket administration:
maximally 7 years in accordance with the State Taxes Act. If you have a GVB annual season ticket, your personal information (including your contact details) is processed as part of the season ticket administration.

Video recordings:
The videos recorded in vehicles – when no incidents have occurred that require videos to be saved – are overwritten with new video images when the recording capacity is reached. The videos that are saved because an incident occurred or the police requisition are kept by GVB for 2 years. For more information about retention period for video recordings, click this link.

Data from campaigns, actions, and market research studies:
For each campaign, action, or market research study, GVB informs you beforehand about how long your personal information will be retained. E-mail addresses for preferences/interests: these are retained until you revoked your permission.