Request travel statement

If you travel each month using a monthly season ticket, you can request a public transport travel statement for tax purposes. 
We can provide a public transport travel statement up to 18 months ago. (Transport companies may not keep data about travelers for more than 1.5 years.) 

How do I request a public transport travel statement?

To make the request, you need the following:

  • a completedly filled in request form for public transport travel statement for monthly season ticket holders. The form (in Dutch) is available via the link below.
  • copy of your OV-chipkaart and if needed the OV-chipkaart number for the card where the monthly season ticket for the previous year is loaded.
  • copy of valid identification. 

Download the form using the link belowand send the completed form with the copies of your OV-chipkaart and valid identification to:
GVB Customer Service, re: "OV-verklaring", Post box 2131, 1000 CC Amsterdam

Once we have received the application, we try to send you the public transport travel statement within ten workdays.

GVB reports to the Tax Authorities

GVB is obligated to report annual season ticket holders information to the Tax Authorities. We do so for both business and private travelers.
So, you do not need a public transport travel statement.

Nevertheless, if you want to request a public transport travel statement, you can use the web form (request)