Diversion on your route? You'll receive an Alert

We will send you an alert when there is a planned or current diversion or disruption on your favorite route(s). You can register in two different ways, either via MijnGvb or via the GVB app. 

Seintje (alert) via MijnGVB or via the GVBapp

Use MyGVB to indicate your favorite route(s) and you will receive an e-mail from us containing an Alert about any planned diversions on your route(s). And, we will also send you an Alert about any planned changes to the timetable, such as the summer timetable or new year's timetable. 
You can also set your Seintje (alert) via the GVB app (iOS and Android) and you will receive an alert about a planned diversion as well as when there is a current disruption. Push notifications are used for the alerts. 

Never miss a notice and register for both. You will then be kept up to date about every change including to the timetable! 

How do you sign up for a Seintje (alert) in MijnGVB?

  • go to MyGVB
  • log in or create an account
  • in the menu, select "Seintje" (i.e. alert) and then select your favorite route(s)
Already selected your route(s)? You will receive an alert by e-mail about any planned diversions on your route(s) or changes to the timetable.

How do you set up a Seintje (alert) in the GVB app?

  • go to settings (radar icon)
  • enable notifications, select the days, times, and your favorite route(s) 
  • go your phone settings and enable push notification for the GVB app
Once you have completed your alert settings, you will receive a notification about the next planned diversion or current disruption on your preferred route(s).